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Marriage Master Plugin for Minecraft Servers

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mc head By Nathan Young

Marriage Master Plugin


Playing with your significant other on Minecraft can be tons of fun, especially while exploring the luscious world. This is amplified on servers, as multiple groups of lovebirds can band together to enjoy their favorite game. However, some players may want to show off their relationship status to others. This can be difficult to do since there aren’t mechanics in Minecraft for it. Luckily, the Marriage Master plugin for Spigot and Paper servers can resolve this situation. Using this allows you and others to marry each other, granting special abilities afterward. Whether you want to get closer with your partner or simply have fun in-game, this plugin helps with these goals. For example, married couples can teleport to a shared home or gift each other items to show appreciation. There’s plenty of useful and entertaining features from this plugin, making it an ideal choice for your server. Setting it up is quickly done on our panel, but may confuse newcomers. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and use Marriage Master on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to the Marriage Master plugin on Spigot’s website.
  2. Near the top left corner, press the Download Now button.
    Marriage Master Plugin
  3. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


For the best possible experience on your Minecraft server, we strongly recommend installing the following plugins in addition to the main one above: PCGF PluginLib, Vault, EssentialsX, and PlaceHolderAPI. These grant you more features and customization, such as chat prefixes and economy support, which is used for extra control with Marriage Master. However, they are completely optional and aren’t required to get everything working in-game.


Server Installation

Before using any plugins, you’ll want to install Spigot, Paper, or another similar type like Purpur on the Minecraft server. Any of these are required to get Marriage Master working, which is done by selecting one from the Game File area in the main panel. Once you’ve installed a server type, make sure to restart so all necessary files are loaded. Afterward, follow along below to begin setting up the plugin(s).

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box and press the Login button to gain access.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Continue to enter the plugins directory, then at the top left corner click Upload.
  4. Drag and drop your downloaded file(s) in the respective area.
    Marriage Master Installation
  5. Wait for everything to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart the server.


Getting Started

Marriage Master Minecraft

Once you’ve joined the server, becoming an operator is required if you aren’t already one. This is due to Marriage Master’s design, as it needs a player with permissions to make preparations. Alternatively, setting them up manually for each user or group is another option. We’ll discuss this process later on in this tutorial, along with everything else to get you started with the plugin. Besides this, many benefits come after being married to someone in-game. These include shared teleportation, better health regeneration, gifting items, and more. However, getting divorced may happen in some cases, revoking these features until getting married again. There’s other benefits too, but involves setting up an addon from the plugin. Regardless, review the information below to begin your lovebird journey in Minecraft.

Creating Priests

Before anyone gets married, a player must become a priest to initiate the ceremony. This can be done with operator or plugin permissions, then performing the /marry setpriest [player] command.

Minecraft Priest

Once someone has this role in the server, they can act as the medium for any marriages. It’s strongly recommended to have multiple priests, but make sure they’re trusted players as they have the ability to request divorces. This means they can’t force a couple to part ways, but forcibly ask it.

Becoming Married

Marriage in Minecraft

After a priest is appointed, they can use the /marry [player] [player] command.

This sends chat messages to each user asking if they want to get married. The first person needs to use /marry accept, then the second does the same once prompted. Alternatively, clicking on the command in-chat when it appears is another option to accept or reject the marriage proposal. After a successful ceremony, the priest announces to the world they are married. These messages can be configured to be anything you want, but could be disabled all together too.

Marriage Benefits

There’s plenty of benefits to being married in Minecraft, such as better health regeneration or the ability to quickly teleport to your shared home. There’s even lovely actions to do with your partner, such as kissing or hugging. Keep in mind that more of these features can be added, but require minor configuration. Additionally, some of the benefits like having prefixes need to be set in the plugin’s settings. We’ll discuss this in more detail later on, but for the meantime review the marriage features down below.

Minecraft Love



Minecraft Teleportation

Whether you want to quickly travel towards your partner or teleport to home, you’re granted the power to do that. All of these actions require commands, such as /marry tp to meet up with your significant other. Another one includes /marry home, but needs a location set prior to using this in-chat. Simply run /marry sethome at your desired spot to save its coordinates for later when you teleport.

Keep in mind that a cooldown or delay for these commands can be configured, as by default they’re instantaneous.

Increased Survival

Another useful benefit for married couples is increased health regeneration, only applied while nearby each other. The closer you are to your partner, the quicker hearts regenerate after taking damage. This makes your survival odds a lot better, especially while in combat with other players. Additionally, taking advantage of the /marry pvpoff command can help avoid unwanted damage against each other.

Minecraft Couple

Besides this, both users receive more experience points after slaying mobs, mining ores, or by other means. This allows you to efficiently gather enchantments for your weapons, armor, and tools.

Getting Divorced

Minecraft Cheating Girlfriend
Minecraft Divorce

Sadly, some couples may want to split and see other players. This process requires a priest to initiate it with the /marry divorce [player] command. Afterward, the receiving user needs to confirm the request to become divorced. This instantly removes all the above benefits from both players, which can be problematic at times. Due to this, it’s important to marry someone you trust and won’t easily leave you for another person. Otherwise, you may lose out on teleportation and other abilities. Keep in mind that only one player needs to request a divorce to begin the process. However, it must be approved by the priest before anything proceeds forward.

Permissions Setup

By default, almost all permission nodes are configured for players in the server. These include being able to teleport, set home locations, gift items, and more by executing commands. The main one is /marry, which has arguments for the other actions. However, some abilities aren’t accessible by everyone and might be worthwhile to implement. Doing this requires the LuckPerms plugin, allowing you to easily manage permissions for users and groups. As for the ones you want to possibly add, we encourage reviewing the table below for an all-in-one setup for your groups/users. Alternatively, visiting the official wiki reveals individual permissions for most commands and actions.

marry.userAllows access to all normal commands for players to become married, divorced, gift items, set homes, teleport, toggle combat, private chat, and more.
marry.adminProvides complete access to the administrative commands, such as making priests, marrying couples, divorcing users, among bypassing plugin limitations.
marry.bypassGrants only bypass permissions, meaning the player will have access to blacklisted worlds, instant teleportation, vanish visibility, and other ones.


Plugin Addon

If you’re unsatisfied with the features from Marriage Master, then consider installing their GUI Addon. This implements a menu to see online priests, couples, and other aspects. There’s even a way to implement churches in the Minecraft server, involving the Citizens plugin. However, you’ll also need the Citizens GUI addon too. This may greatly enhance your marriage experience in-game, especially with the NPC priest always offering ceremonies to new couples or soon-to-be divorcees. Besides these plugins, you can also use Vault and a chat manager addon to use extra options from Marriage Master.


As for making any tweaks to the plugin, you’ll need to access their configuration files in the FTP panel. There’s one main document containing all settings, while the other is a language type storing chat-related messages. These options provide you the ability to add prefixes, enable a MySQL database, disable priest requirements to get married, among other aspects. The steps below guides you through the process needed to configure Marriage Master.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area and login with your credentials accordingly.
  2. Proceed to enter the following directory pathway: …/plugins/MarriageMaster
    Marriage Master Folder
  3. From here, press the Edit button on the right for the config.yml file.
    Marriage Master Config
  4. Make any necessary changes, then click Save at the top.
    Marriage Master Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply these edits.


Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

In some cases, players may be unable to join the server. This situation can be caused by incorrectly entering the IP Address:Port or Subdomain when making the connection. Double checking this information can be done by reviewing the main server panel, near the top. If there’s even one mistake or error in the address, then the connection is rejected. Besides this, another common cause is using the wrong Minecraft version to join. This can be resolved by either changing it from the launcher or installing ViaVersion on the server. Otherwise, there could be underlying issues with the plugin setup.

Marriage Master Isn’t Working

If Marriage Master itself isn’t working properly on the server, then make sure you’ve successfully uploaded its file in the plugins directory from the FTP panel. Afterward, restart from the main panel to begin loading it again. However, if you don’t have Spigot, Paper, or another server type selected in the Game File area, then nothing will work. Double check you’ve done this, as it’s required to support plugins. Besides this, creating a new Server Profile may be a helpful option to try out since it’ll avoid any conflict with pre-existing files. Alternatively, the situation could be caused by simply using an outdated version of Marriage Master.

Cannot Use Commands

Remember, most of the commands and permissions are automatically assigned to the default group in your server. This means everyone should be able to use Marriage Master without issues. However, administrative actions require you to be an operator or have specific permission nodes. Otherwise, the situation could be a result of incorrectly entering a command in-chat. This tends to happen if you’re making typos or simply missing an argument to execute it properly. Keep this in mind when trying to use commands on your server.

Unable to Successfully Edit Files

As for editing the plugin’s configuration, make sure you’re keeping its format consistent. This means you can’t remove colons, quotation marks, or other required characters. Additionally, don’t improperly use capitalization throughout your settings, such as making “true” to “True” since that won’t work. If you’ve been trying to fix these errors and can’t seem to get everything working, then consider deleting the file(s) and restarting the server. This regenerates and reverts them back to default, giving you another chance to make any necessary changes.

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