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Macaw’s Furniture Minecraft Mod

Last modified on Jun 5, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Dalton Whalen


While Minecraft is all about exploring and gathering resources, many players will need a place to call home. While some may only add the bare minimum to their base, lots of others will decorate their house to add furniture and more. While this is fun, many interior decorations are limited by vanilla blocks, causing players to turn towards mods for a better solution. Introducing Macaw’s Furniture, a Minecraft mod that adds a variety of wooden furniture to improve your house. Whether you combine desks and bookshelves or decorate your perfect living room, the sky’s the limit. Adding mods to your server is easy with Apex Hosting, so we have created this tutorial to help you get started with Macaw’s Furniture.


Macaw’s Furniture is owned by sketch_macaw with PeachyMacaw credited as the artist. The pair is responsible for most of the Macaw’s mods available throughout the platform. The mod has over 12.8 million downloads and spans from version 1.12 up to 1.19 at the time of writing. Macaw’s Furniture adds many new decoration blocks that allow you to mix-and-match to achieve your perfect aesthetic.

Macaw’s Furniture Download

  1. Visit the Macaw’s Furniture Curseforge Page.
  2. Press Files at the top to view all downloads.
    Macaw's Furniture Files
  3. Scroll down and locate the version you wish to use.
  4. Click the Download button to the right-hand side.
    Macaw's Furniture Download
  5. Save the file to a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.


Server-Side Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then log in.
  2. Press the Stop button at the top to turn off the server.
  3. Scroll down to the Game File section and make note of the version.
    Macaw's Furniture Version
  4. Ensure the server is running a matching version of Forge.
  5. Afterwards, log into the FTP File Access from the left-hand menu.
  6. Enter the mods folder, then press Upload in the top-left.
  7. Drag + drop the mod file, then wait for it to complete the upload.
    Macaw's Furniture Upload
  8. Return to the main panel page, then restart the server.


Client-Side Installation

  1. Ensure you have installed the matching version of Forge client-side.
  2. Afterwards, open your Minecraft launcher and enter the Installations tab.
  3. Hover over your Forge profile, then press the Open Folder icon.
    Macaw's Furniture Open Folder
  4. In the new window, create or locate the mods folder, then enter it.
  5. Paste the Macaw’s Furniture .jar file here.
    Macaw's Furniture Client Mods
  6. Return to the MC launcher, then press Play to get started.


Furniture Showcase

Macaw's Furniture Showcase

Macaw’s Furniture adds many new items for both decoration and functionality. Whether you decide to sit in a chair or store your items, the choice is up to you. There is furniture for every wood type, including stripped wood and Nether planks.

Macaw's Furniture Wardrobes

The 3 wardrobe types allow you to store items within them as a type of chest. These blocks can be placed on top of each other to merge into taller versions of itself. This is great for having large wardrobes in a bedroom or combined with bookshelves.

Macaw's Furniture Bookshelves

Another type of storage block, the bookshelf is a standalone shelf or has a half-wardrobe variant. These blocks can also be stacked on top of one another, but can also upgrade an enchanting table like in vanilla.


Macaw's Furniture Drawers

The drawer blocks come in many different versions, each having a number of drawers and even some bookshelf space. Each of these has its own storage and can be expanded horizontally to form longer furniture pieces.

Macaw's Furniture Desks

The desk blocks have 3 main versions, an open desk, one with covered sides, and a modern-style desk. Each of these do not have much functionality on their own, but can be placed in different shapes.


Macaw's Furniture Tables

While not offering any storage or functionality, the tables make for a nice piece to compliment living rooms and dining rooms alike. Whether you want an end table, glass table, or more, the options are at your fingertips.

Macaw's Furniture Chairs

What’s the point of a desk or table if you can’t sit? The mod adds 3 chair types and one stool for use around your Minecraft house. This is great if you’re looking to complete your dining room or have outdoor seating.


Macaw's Furniture Counters

A kitchen is not complete without counter space, luckily there is plenty to choose from. Take your pick of drawers, cupboards, or just a countertop. Find your desired combination to create the kitchen aesthetic of your dreams.


Common Issues

I get an error when joining the server:
Oftentimes, this error is caused when the server is running mods, while they are not running on your own client. Ensure you have installed the correct version of Forge and added the mod .jar file into the correct folder. If you are still encountering issues, make sure you are launching the correct installation from your launcher, otherwise the mod will not load up and work.

I can join, but the items aren’t working properly:
When this issue occurs, it generally means the mod is running on your own game, but did not load on the server. First, load into a singleplayer world and see if the mod is working normally. If so, visit your Apex panel and make sure everything is configured properly. Once this is complete, restart the server to load up the mod once again.

Helpful Links

Macaw’s Furniture Curseforge Page
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