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LootChest Minecraft Plugin

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mc head By Nathan Young

LootChest Minecraft Plugin


Whether you’re setting up a combat gamemode or survival minigame Minecraft server, there are many unique features to possibly add to enhance the gameplay experience. These can range from having a kill counter to safezones, but some can directly help players more than others. One of these is the LootChest Spigot plugin, an addon that allows you to create lootable containers for players to use throughout the world. These can be placed in specific locations in your arena, map, or randomly around the environment. Each loot chest can respawn at predetermined times, giving players multiple chances to obtain valuable materials or equipment. Setting this up on your server might be perfect for your desired gameplay, but can be confusing at first to newcomers. This is amplified when considering all the different kinds of settings to possibly tweak, allowing for more control over in-game aspects. With this in mind, we’ll show you how to install and use the LootChest plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to LootChest on Spigot’s website.
  2. On the right-hand side, click the Download Now button.
    LootChest Spigot Download
  3. Save this file somewhere easily accessible for the installation.


Server Installation

Before using LootChest on your server, ensure that the Game File option has Spigot or Paper selected. This is required for plugin support, which determines if the installation succeeds or not. Once you’ve confirmed this, follow the steps below to begin this process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Proceed to type your Password in the text box and press the Login button.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Afterward, locate and enter the plugins folder from the directory list.
  4. Once there, click on the Upload button at the top left corner.
  5. Continue to drag and drop the downloaded file into the respective area.
    LootChest Minecraft Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main server panel.
  7. Press the Restart button at the top and join after it loads to confirm the installation.


Getting Started

Loot Chests Minecraft

There are many possibilities with the LootChest plugin, as you’re given the ability to completely customize the containers. Whether you make unique tiers for each one or have custom ones, the power is yours to wield. However, you’ll need to become a server operator before doing any of this in the world. Once you have these privileges on your account, start by using the /lc help command to confirm the installation and begin viewing all the commands. We’ll walk you through the exact steps to create your first loot chest, how to customize it, and respawning it in your world, among other aspects. When you’re ready, begin reviewing the subsections below.

Making a Loot Chest

Before creating your first loot chest, find a suitable location for it. This is where it’ll spawn every time, unless you decide to configure it differently in the settings. Once you’ve located the desired position, place the chest down. Afterward, proceed to transfer any items you want inside of it. When you’re finished, simply look at the chest and run the following command: /lc create [name]. This will automatically save its contents and make it a lootable chest, plus trigger the customization menu.

LootChest Creation


Chest Customization

LootChest Customizations

As for editing your newly created chest, there are many options to review. These range from its respawn time to particle effects, among other aspects. Simply select the category you want to tweak, then choose the desired option. If you want to return to the main customization area, then press close out of the GUI menu to do that. However, you may have to use the /lc edit [name] command if it doesn’t do this for you. Every aspect changed through this feature will automatically be saved, making it an easy process for you or other admins.


Respawning Loot Chests

Respawn LootChest Minecraft

After collecting all items from a loot chest, it’ll disappear and only respawn at a predetermined time or through commands. By default, each one you make will reappear in 10 minutes. However, this can be changed in LootChest’s configuration, which we’ll discuss later in the subsections below. If you’re wanting to bypass this and instantly respawn a chest, then use the /lc respawn [name] command in-chat. Alternatively, you can use /lc respawnall to make everything reappear in the world. There’s another command to use, which will respawn a loot chest in a random location within a defined radius. This can be done by executing: /lc randomspawn [name] [radius]. Once a loot chest appears in your world, it’ll send a chat message with coordinates to it so players can reach it.


There are lots of commands to use from the LootChest plugin, which may confuse some players. Due to this, we’ve created a list of the most important ones to remember when working on your server. Normal users cannot use these commands, as only operators and players with assigned permissions can do it. This can be done through a plugin such as LuckPerms or another similar type to manage them. Besides this, familiarize yourself with essential LootChest commands down below.

/lc create [name]lootchest.createAbility to create a new loot chest.
/lc edit [name]lootchest.editAbility to edit an existing loot chest.
/lc respawn [name]lootchest.respawnForcibly respawn a loot chest.
/lc respawnalllootchest.respawnallInstantly respawn all loot chests.
/lc remove [name]lootchest.removeAbility to delete a loot chest.
/lc listlootchest.listLists every loot chest available in the server.
/lc randomspawn [name] [radius]lootchest.randomspawnRandomly respawn a loot chest in a specific radius.
/lc setpos [name]lootchest.setposChange a loot chest’s position in the world.
/lc locatelootchest.locateLocate all spawned loot chests.
/lc helplootchest.helpShows every LootChest command in the server.



If you’re wanting to completely customize the plugin, then editing the settings is required. This is accessible through the FTP panel, as there is a built-in file editor for you to use. Whether you wish to change chat messages, default options, or anything else related to your chests, it’s all done through the main config.yml document. Fortunately, the developer of LootChest added a description for each setting in the file, making it easier to tweak. The instructions below details the entire process for editing and saving the changes.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area and Login with your Password.
  2. Afterward, enter the following directory pathway: …/plugins/LootChest.
    LootChest Folder
  3. Locate and press Edit on the right-hand side of the config.yml file.
    LootChest Config File
  4. Proceed to make your desired changes, then click Save at the top.
    LootChest Plugin Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server so it’ll apply the edits.


Common Issues

LootChest Isn’t Loading

In cases where the plugin isn’t loading on your server, double-check you have Spigot or Paper selected in the Game File option from the main panel. Remember, this is absolutely necessary for it to load properly in-game. However, if you’ve installed it in the wrong directory or Server Profile, then it’ll result in the same situation. Make sure you’re using the plugins folder for the installation.

Unable to Use Commands

Remember, you must be a server operator or assign the correct permissions on your account to use any LootChest commands. This can be done by executing “op [username]” in the console or installing the LuckPerms plugin to manage these abilities. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure it’s done for the correct username so all commands are accessible.

Chest Holograms Are Stuck

If you’ve deleted the plugin or removed a chest and its hologram still appears, then run the /lc removeAllHolo command. This will get rid of all bugged ones so players don’t see a floating blob of text in-game. Otherwise, you may have to clear entities nearby the hologram to fully delete it from the world.

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