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The Forest Console Commands

Last modified on Jun 29, 2022 in The Forest

mc head By Davy Davison

Using commands to survive the mutants


Console commands are a very important tool for interacting with your server and your players. They can be used for moderating the server so you can remove problematic players and give trusted players greater access. They can also allow you to fix the occasional gameplay bug that may occur while you are running around on the server. In this guide, we will go over all of the available commands for The Forest and how to use them on your Apex Hosting server.


This list contains the most commonly used commands to cheat and admin on The Forest servers. Please note that you will need to either enable cheats from your Control Panel or join the server as an administrator to be able to use these commands.

Chat Commands

the commands shown by /help

These commands can only be used from the in-game chat. You can access the chat by pressing the return key while in the game. All of these commands must have a / placed in front of them before they can be used. This tells the game you are entering a command and not just sending another chat message.


/helpDisplays a list of available commands./help
/save Saves the game to the chosen slot (overwrites previous saves)./save 3
/restartRestarts the server and resets the game (deletes saved data)./restart
/shutdownShuts down the server without saving the game. You will lose any unsaved data after running this command./shutdown
/ban Bans the player from your server./ban 76561198016123897
/kick Kicks the player with the associated id from your server./kick 76561198016123897
/treeregrowmode Regrows 10% of trees while you are sleeping./treeregrowmode on
/allowbuildingdestruction Allows buildings to be destroyed when enabled./allowbuildingdestruction on
/allowenemiescreative When enabled, allows enemies to spawn while in creative mode./allowenemiescreative on


Console Commands

Enabling the debug console from the game's settings menu

These commands are used from the in-game debug console. To access the console you must first enable cheats from the Gameplay section of the in-game options menu. Once the option is enabled you can access the console by pressing F1. These commands can also be used by players if the Enable Cheats option is enabled in your server’s Customizations tab.

For the spawnenemy, spawnanimal, and addClothingById commands, a full list of Ids can be found here.


godmode Makes the player invulnerable.godmode on
buildhack When enabled, grants unlimited resources.buildhack on
cancelallghostsRemoves all placed blueprints in the world.cancelallghosts
buildallghostsBuilds all of the available blueprints in the worldbuildallghosts
addallitemsAdds every available item to your inventory.addallitems
itemhack When enabled, prevents you from running out of items.itemhack on
survival When enabled, the player will need to have food and water.survival on
Invisible When enabled, makes the player invisible and prevents them from being affected by rain, blood, mud, and paint.invisible on
speedyrun Increases the player’s speed when enabled.speedyrun on
enemies Enables or disables enemies from being able to spawn.enemies off
forcerain Controls the weather in the world.forcerain light
CutdowntreesCuts down the specified number of trees in the world.cutdowntrees 10
cutgrassCuts down the specified amount of grass in the world.cutgrass 20
setdifficultymode Sets the difficulty of the game.setdifficultymode normal
setgamemode Changes the gamemode for the server.setgamemode creative
spawnenemy Spawns the specified type of enemy at your location (only works if enemies are enabled).spawnenemy armsy
spawnanimal Spawns the specified type of animal at your locationspawnanimal rabbit
killallenemiesKills all enemies spawned into the world.killallenemies
killclosestenemyKills the closest enemy to you.killclosestenemy
killlocalplayerKills the closest local player.killlocalplayer
resetallenemiesRevives all of the enemies in the world.resetallenemies
revivelocalplayerRevives the nearest dead. playerrevivelocalplayer
removeitem Removes the specified item from your inventory.removeitem 43
poisonPoisons the player that runs the command.poison
Animals Enables or disables animal spawning.animals on
advancedayCauses the day to go by faster.advanceday
plantallgardensCauses all placed gardens in the world to grow.plantallgardens
hitlocalplayerHurts the closest local player.hitlocalplayer
knockdownclosestenemyKnocks down or hurts the closest enemy to the player running the command.knockdownclosestenemy
spawnmutant Spawns the specified mutant at your location.spawnmutant fireman
astar Enables or disables pathfinding for enemies.astar on
killallwormsKills all of the worms in the world.killallworms
killendbossKills the final boss.killendboss
resetallenemiesKills all of the enemies in the world and resets their AI.resetallenemies


gotoenemyTeleports the player to the closest enemy.gotoenemy
birds Enables or disables birds from spawning.birds on
addClothingByIdAdds the specified piece of clothing to your inventory.addClothingById 9
revealcavemapReveals the entire map of the world.revealcavemap
unlimitedHairspray Enables or disables having unlimited hairspray.unlimitedHairspray on
energyhack Enables or disables infinite energy and stamina.energyhack on
setstat Sets the specified state to a specific value.setstat Fullness 100
setskill Sets the specified skill to a specific value.setskill runTime 100
findpassengerGives the coordinates of the passenger by Id.findpassenger 4
lightingtimeofdayoverride Sets the game lighting to a specific time of day until the command is turned off.lightingtimeofdayoverride morning
lightingtimeofdayoverride offDisables the lightingtimeofdayoverrride command and returns the lighting to default based on the current time of day.lightingtimeofdayoverride off
checkdayShows the time of day in the world.checkday
SetcurrentdaySets the world to the specified day.Setcurrentday 100



Commands are an important and useful way to interact with and configure your server. They can help struggling players more easily get into the game, and they make changing settings or setting up events much easier. With the help of this guide and the Apex Control Panel you are now ready to start using commands to enhance your gameplay and improve your player’s experience.

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