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The Forest Console Commands

Last modified on Aug 29, 2022 in The Forest

mc head By Nathan Young

Using commands to survive the mutants


Playing The Forest can be a scary and exciting experience, especially with friends. Although in some scenarios, players might want to use cheats or other features to help their adventure. For instance, people fighting hostile creatures can easily become overwhelming due to the difficulty or vast amount of enemies. This can make some players feel frustrated or want to control the game’s mechanics to suit their needs. Luckily, these kinds of situations can be solved by cheat commands. However, the exact steps to do this can be daunting, as there is no apparent way to activate the console to use them. Due to this, Apex Hosting will teach every step required to use cheat commands in The Forest.

How to Use Commands

Before using any cheat command, you’ll need to enable cheats and the console. This isn’t too complicated, but there is hardly any user interface to get started. Due to this, follow along down below to use commands. Although, most if not all commands require you to be admin on servers. Review our guide here to do that so you can use all of them.

  1. Launch The Forest from Steam and navigate to the Options.
  2. Click Gameplay, then change Allow Cheats to ON under the Rules section.
    The Forest Allow Cheats
  3. Afterward, return to the main menu and type developermodeon.
    Note: There is no dedicated area to type this, so continue to do it in the menu.
  4. Once it’s typed, press F1 to confirm if a textbox appears in the top left corner.
  5. If you see it, then the console works! You can load into the game now.
  6. While playing, click F1 on your keyboard and input any command.
    The Forest Command Example

    Warning: There are specific commands that can negatively affect your gameplay or save file. Keep this in mind as you explore cheats and other features.


Command List

Now that you know how to use commands, it’s time to review the best ones. However, remember that having admin privileges is required to use every command on servers. Sadly, due to the large number of commands, we cannot go through every single one. If you’re wanting a complete list of them, head towards The Forest’s Console Command wiki.

additem (ID)Spawns items or materials for your player.
buildhack (on/off)Enables the player to have unlimited resources and increased building speed.
godmode (on/off)Become invincible with unlimited energy, stamina, water, etc..
addallstoryitemsEvery story mode item is added to your account.
survival (on/off)Toggles the need to eat, drink, and other survival features.
enemies (on/off)Allows to disable cannibals and mutants.
revealcavemapReveals the entire map for the surface and underground areas.
cavelight (on/off)This increases light levels while in caves, making them appear as daylight.
energyhack (on/off)Allows the player to have unlimited stamina and energy.
setdifficultymode (peaceful/normal/hard)Changes the difficulty mode.
killallenemiesKills all enemies spawned into the world.
killclosestenemyKills the closest enemy to you.
resetallenemiesRevives all of the enemies in the world.
revivelocalplayerRevives the nearest dead player.
removeitem (ID)Remove the specified item from your inventory.
advancedayCauses the day to go by faster.
spawnmutant (entity ID)Spawns the specified mutant at your location.
setskill (skill) (amount)Sets the specified skill to a specific value.
setstat (stat) (amount)Sets the specified stat to a specific value.
gotoenemyTeleports the player to the closest enemy.



Using cheats is a great way to explore The Forest and have tons of fun with friends. Whether you want to build magnificent bases or become invincible, commands allow this and more. There are so many to use in-game, so playing around in singleplayer with them is suggested. This way, you can get an idea of what certain commands do and the type of gameplay you want. Otherwise, jump straight into the action and start using them! We hope this guide helped you learn how to activate the console and use cheat commands in The Forest.

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