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One of the most exciting parts about hosting a Minecraft Server is the ability to customize it past Vanilla Minecraft, and one of the best ways to do this is with plugins. Unlike mods, plugins do not need to be installed client-side and do not need any special software client-side to run. However, if you want to run plugins you will need to have your server as either Craftbukkit, Spigot, or Paper. Plugins can provide a multitude of extra commands to better manage the server and add in fun and useful mechanics, such as the ability to set who can access and build in certain areas, add prefixes and suffixes to names, create different ranks with access to different commands, add RPG elements, add virtual economies, and many more. There are thousands of plugins available on the Bukkit and Spigot repositories that you can choose from to spice up your server. It’s likely that if you have played on Minecraft Servers, you have had experience with some plugins. While plugins are great, they can sometimes be a bit difficult to use and install if you have not done so before. This is why we have a knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular plugins that will teach you how you can install the plugins, configure, and use them.

PlaceholderAPI – Blog


Building a server can be difficult, especially when you want to customize plugins and the in-game chat. Placeholders are an amazing feature that many plugins use to help with editing formats or settings in their respective files. A placeholder is a tool...
Rankup Plugin – Blog

Rankup Plugin

Many Minecraft Paper or Bukkit-related servers have a rank system, whether that’s LuckPerms or another permission management plugin. However, most rank plugins don’t allow for players to rank themselves up by paying for it with in-game money. Luckily, the...
Remove Plugin and Change Version – Blog

Remove Plugin and Change Version

Once you’ve installed a plugin using the Bukget feature you can easily update or remove the plugin from within the same section the respective plugins information is listed. When you install a plugin using Bukget you will notice a sudden change in the o...
The Best Plugins for Your Minecraft Server – Blog

The Best Plugins for Your Minecraft Server

Plugins are the perfect way to customize a Minecraft server. The plugins ultimately build the theme of the server as they can be used for minigames, gametypes such as survival, server management, and much more. With over 40,000 plugins currently available...
The Floor Is Lava Minecraft Plugin – Blog

The Floor Is Lava Minecraft Plugin

Hosting a Minecraft server can be loads of fun, especially with minigame plugins. There are many types to try in your world, but most players are familiar with standard modes such as Spleef, Parkour, Skywars, among others. This can pose issues while creating...
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