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When running a Minecraft server, there are many times that you will need to access your server files or the server console in order to make changes. If you are hosting with Apex you will have full access to our game panel, a customized version of Multicraft. Through this panel, you are able to access and manage all of the server features as you see fit. The panel can be used for simple tasks such as starting/stopping your server. It also includes FTP access which will allow you to edit the server files directly. This includes installing plugins, mods, configuring files, uploading worlds, etc. However, if you want to make simple changes to the server config files, you can do this from the panel as well without connecting to the FTP. With so many different features and endless possibilities for your server, you may be struggling to learn how to properly utilize the game panel to do things such as adding plugins with our FTP or using our one-click modpack installer. To help with this struggle, we have a knowledgebase full of useful tutorials that will give you step by step guides on how you can manage your Minecraft server.

Cave Dweller: The Scariest Mod in Minecraft – Blog

Cave Dweller: The Scariest Mod in Minecraft

Enjoying a peaceful day in Minecraft is a beloved experience by millions of players, but can be too predictable for some. Whether you’re collecting the same resources or exploring similar caves, this type of gameplay is normal across all versions of t...
Chance Cubes Minecraft Mod – Blog

Chance Cubes Minecraft Mod

Exploring your Vanilla Minecraft world can involve lots of fun, especially with friends. Whether you’re finding large caves or stumbling on naturally generated structures, there are many adventures to try out. However, some players may want to spice u...
ChangeSkinX Minecraft Plugin – Blog

ChangeSkinX Minecraft Plugin

Customizing your Minecraft account is an extremely important and popular feature in the game, as it allows you to personalize your character for anyone to view. However, changing your skin while in-game is never simple and may create frustration. This...
Chat Formatting with Essentials Chat – Blog

Chat Formatting with Essentials Chat

Chat formatting lets you control what the chat looks like when anyone speaks in-game. This is how you typically set group names and generally change the formatting to make players or groups stand out. Chat formatting in Paper is made up of two parts....
Chat Page Overview – Blog

Chat Page Overview

The Chat Page enables users to communicate with the players on the server without being logged on in-game. In addition to this you can view who’s online and enact basic management like kicking the player and view the chat log. When a user sends ...
ChestSort Plugin – Blog

ChestSort Plugin

One of the main Minecraft features is collecting materials to build bases and craft items. However, as many players likely know by now, there is tons of junk in-game that fills up chests. This can be a big problem, as sorting through all your chests to...
Chisels & Bits Minecraft Mod – Blog

Chisels & Bits Minecraft Mod

When playing vanilla Minecraft, building is a massive part of the gameplay. However after some time, you may find using the same materials monotonous and desire more to work with in order to have significantly more details. Introducing Chisels &...
ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village Mod (CTOV) – Blog

ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village Mod (CTOV)

Across many vast worlds in Minecraft, there are bound to be villages on the horizon for players to use. Whether you decide to trade with villagers or raid their farmlands, there are always activities to try out in these locations. However, some players...
Chosen's Modded Adventure Server Hosting – Blog

Chosen's Modded Adventure Server Hosting

Hosting your own Minecraft server opens the door for a wide range of new adventures, which is amplified with mods. Large collections of these, known as modpacks, introduce tons of content for players to check out in-game. Whether it’s new structures, m...
Chunk Loaders Minecraft – Blog

Chunk Loaders Minecraft

Creating mob farms in Minecraft can be a challenging activity, especially if you’re trying to maximize its efficiency. There are countless designs to grind for item drops, with some being in different dimensions. Whether you’re making an enderman or ...
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