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When running a Minecraft server, there are many times that you will need to access your server files or the server console in order to make changes. If you are hosting with Apex you will have full access to our game panel, a customized version of Multicraft. Through this panel, you are able to access and manage all of the server features as you see fit. The panel can be used for simple tasks such as starting/stopping your server. It also includes FTP access which will allow you to edit the server files directly. This includes installing plugins, mods, configuring files, uploading worlds, etc. However, if you want to make simple changes to the server config files, you can do this from the panel as well without connecting to the FTP. With so many different features and endless possibilities for your server, you may be struggling to learn how to properly utilize the game panel to do things such as adding plugins with our FTP or using our one-click modpack installer. To help with this struggle, we have a knowledgebase full of useful tutorials that will give you step by step guides on how you can manage your Minecraft server.

AppleSkin Mod for Minecraft – Blog

AppleSkin Mod for Minecraft

  In Minecraft, food and saturation are pretty vague and unexplained. Not a lot of people are aware of the exact values, or even the purpose of the mechanics that surround this aspect of the game. What are hunger points? What determines how slowly...
Artifacts Mod for Minecraft – Blog

Artifacts Mod for Minecraft

Scavenging the world for valuables in Minecraft can lead you on an amazing adventure with many rewards. If you want to amplify this experience, then consider using mods. One such example is Artifacts for Forge and Fabric, adding 34 wearable items that...
Aurelium Skills Minecraft Plugin – Blog

Aurelium Skills Minecraft Plugin

When playing through Minecraft for a long time, players tend to hone their skills in various fields. Whether it is redstone, building, or PvP, these skills can be fun to build up, but many do get to experience true rewards for their efforts. This is rectified...
Bare Bones Resource Pack – Blog

Bare Bones Resource Pack

In recent years, Minecraft trailers have used simplistic graphics and textures to showcase new features. Fans of these visuals may want to replicate them in their own world, which is achieved by using resource packs. An extremely popular one is called...
Bartering Station Mod – Blog

Bartering Station Mod

As Minecraft is an open-world survival game, millions of players spend countless hours collecting resources. Whether these are basic building blocks or valuable goods, it takes effort to obtain enough of them. In cases where you or others alike want an...
Bedrock Edition Limitations and Features – Blog

Bedrock Edition Limitations and Features

When choosing a Minecraft edition to begin enjoying, some players may have questions about it. This is true for both Java and Bedrock, with the latter being more of a concern in the community due to a few reasons. These include server performance, customization,...
Better Builder's Wands Mod – Blog

Better Builder's Wands Mod

While creating your magnificent castle or mansion in Minecraft, it can become tiresome to continuously place blocks. This may lead some players to find an easier building method, as spending too much time on it can be irritating. Instead of using cheats...
Better than Adventure: Minecraft 1.7.3 Mod – Blog

Better than Adventure: Minecraft 1.7.3 Mod

Ever since the release of Minecraft, thousands of players have yearned for the old days. Recent updates introduce a wide variety of new blocks, items, structures, mobs, and more. This sounds fantastic, but many in the community don’t appreciate the d...
Better Villages Mod – Blog

Better Villages Mod

After playing Vanilla Minecraft with friends for prolonged periods, some users may want to spice up their experience. This is achieved by using mods, introducing new features to the game. Few of these alter how structures are generated in the world, leading...
BetterEnd Minecraft Mod – Blog

BetterEnd Minecraft Mod

As you adventure through a Minecraft server, many players will eventually find their way into The End. Whether it’s to fight the dragon or to obtain loot, the land is barren with little excitement. Aside from the occasional End City or chorus plant, t...
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