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By far, one of the most enjoyable features of a Minecraft server is that you can customize it past Vanilla. However, in order to customize the vanilla gameplay, you will need to utilize mods. Mods will change the aspect of Minecraft and give players an increase in options on how they interact with the world. With such a large selection of mods, the possibilities of enhancements are endless. These customizations added by mods can include features such as RPG elements, new worlds/dimensions, new mobs, blocks, items, NPCs that can be interacted with, and so much more. While the idea of these additional features sounds great, mods can be tricky to install if you have not done so before. Unlike plugins, mods must be installed both client-side and server-side. In order to add mods, both the players and the server must have Forge installed. This is why we have a Knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular mods that will teach you how to install, configure, and use each mod.

The Lost Cities Minecraft Mod – Blog

The Lost Cities Minecraft Mod

Minecraft is a vast world, covered in interesting structures, dangerous mobs, and loot. These can be fun to explore, but the generic world may become boring after a while. Many mods exist to quell this issue and add new places, but many do not replicate...
The Wings of Alfheim Minecraft Mod – Blog

The Wings of Alfheim Minecraft Mod

Flying in Minecraft has been around for years, especially with newer versions due to elytras. However, players in 1.7.10 don’t have the luxury of flight, as cheating is the only viable way to achieve it. This can be problematic for some, as cheating t...
Thermal Foundation Mod for Minecraft – Blog

Thermal Foundation Mod for Minecraft

Creating redstone machines on your Minecraft world allows for many unique creations, but there aren’t too many available options. This leads to a desire to locate more possibilities so you may develop custom machinery or technological items. Thermal...
Tinkers’ Tool Leveling Minecraft Mod – Blog

Tinkers’ Tool Leveling Minecraft Mod

Tools and weapons are the lifeblood of Minecraft survival gameplay and are responsible for all of the obtainable progress. Whether it’s mining for ores or cutting down enemy mobs, they are indispensable. Many believe that they can be expanded even further, w...
Trash Cans Minecraft Mod – Blog

Trash Cans Minecraft Mod

Players in Minecraft will likely notice the abundance of items and materials to collect when joining their world. While there may be good ones to loot, sadly a common scenario is gathering many useless blocks, filling up your inventory slots. This may...
Twilight Forest Minecraft Mod – Blog

Twilight Forest Minecraft Mod

In vanilla Minecraft, part of the fun is travelling to other dimensions such as the end to fight the dragon and explore. However after this, there is little to do in these areas. Introducing The Twilight Forest, a mod that aims to add a whole new dimension...
When Dungeons Arise Minecraft Mod – Blog

When Dungeons Arise Minecraft Mod

Within vanilla Minecraft, there are many structures that can be found scattered throughout your world. While this is the case, very few provide a dungeon-like feel, aside from strongholds and end fortresses. After prolonged gameplay, players may turn...
Xaero's Minimap Mod for Minecraft – Blog

Xaero's Minimap Mod for Minecraft

While traveling throughout your Minecraft world, there are many regions that remain unexplored and could contain useful items or the perfect spot to make a base. Locating these can be challenging without knowledge of the coordinates or prior experience...
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