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By far, one of the most enjoyable features of a Minecraft server is that you can customize it past Vanilla. However, in order to customize the vanilla gameplay, you will need to utilize mods. Mods will change the aspect of Minecraft and give players an increase in options on how they interact with the world. With such a large selection of mods, the possibilities of enhancements are endless. These customizations added by mods can include features such as RPG elements, new worlds/dimensions, new mobs, blocks, items, NPCs that can be interacted with, and so much more. While the idea of these additional features sounds great, mods can be tricky to install if you have not done so before. Unlike plugins, mods must be installed both client-side and server-side. In order to add mods, both the players and the server must have Forge installed. This is why we have a Knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular mods that will teach you how to install, configure, and use each mod.

Optifine – Blog


Minecraft, from a technical standpoint, is a marvel. Infinite world generation, complex cave ecosystems, dimensions, flying, and much more. While it seems simple enough, coding these sorts of features is an immense and challenging task and optimizing...
Pam's Harvestcraft – Blog

Pam's Harvestcraft

Minecraft mods can add a wide variety of features and custom items to what is already a very expansive game. Many players enjoy custom tech mods or even mods that add brand new dimensions to the game for exploration. One other very popular category of...
Pick Up Notifier Minecraft Mod – Blog

Pick Up Notifier Minecraft Mod

Minecraft has many different items to collect, which can easily fill up your inventory. Managing what types of materials you’ve gathered can become overwhelming, especially if you’re mining. This may lead players to search for solutions to the scenario, whi...
Reliquary Reincarnations Minecraft Mod – Blog

Reliquary Reincarnations Minecraft Mod

Many players and server owners alike try to introduce magic in Minecraft, likely with mods. Most of the time, these changes are from modpacks, a large collection of modifications. All of these addons can easily become overwhelming to people looking for...
Repurposed Structures Mod – Blog

Repurposed Structures Mod

Exploring your Minecraft world reveals countless unique structures across its many biomes, with some being more desirable than others. Unfortunately, most of these are biome-specific and will not generate in different ones. This can make the world appear...
Rustic Minecraft Mod – Blog

Rustic Minecraft Mod

As each player experiences a Minecraft server, everyone has their own playstyle. Whether you brew potions, farm for crops, or decorate houses, there are many paths to choose from. Aside from small changes here and there, each of these play styles have...
Scape and Run: Parasites – Blog

Scape and Run: Parasites

The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, The Mist. One of our worst fears as humans revolve around the concept of a parasitic, malformed recreation of living creatures. It haunts us, to say the least. Scape and Run: Parasites incarnates this fear in the form...
Security Craft Minecraft Mod – Blog

Security Craft Minecraft Mod

As you play through vanilla Minecraft, your home base will often become a place of vital importance. Whether it’s because of the valuables stored inside or due to the effort to create it, most players will want to protect their home from mobs and enemy p...
SwingThroughGrass Mod – Blog

SwingThroughGrass Mod

  Tall grass is such an odd thing in Minecraft. You can walk through it, yet you can’t swing through it. Since the dawn of time, my inability to swipe my blade through somewhat tall grass has been the bane of my existence, especially when trying t...
The Aether Minecraft Mod – Blog

The Aether Minecraft Mod

Exploring in Minecraft leads players on unique adventures, especially in servers with others. Whether you’re surviving in the Nether or flying around in The End, these areas offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy. However, over the years the game c...
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