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By far, one of the most enjoyable features of a Minecraft server is that you can customize it past Vanilla. However, in order to customize the vanilla gameplay, you will need to utilize mods. Mods will change the aspect of Minecraft and give players an increase in options on how they interact with the world. With such a large selection of mods, the possibilities of enhancements are endless. These customizations added by mods can include features such as RPG elements, new worlds/dimensions, new mobs, blocks, items, NPCs that can be interacted with, and so much more. While the idea of these additional features sounds great, mods can be tricky to install if you have not done so before. Unlike plugins, mods must be installed both client-side and server-side. In order to add mods, both the players and the server must have Forge installed. This is why we have a Knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular mods that will teach you how to install, configure, and use each mod.

Minecraft Origins Mod Server Setup Guide – Blog

Minecraft Origins Mod Server Setup Guide

  When you spawn into your world in Minecraft, you always start out the same. You’re just a dude. A simple Steve who has nothing but the ambitions and drive for the future, which is cool and all, but haven’t you ever wished for more? What if I t...
Minecraft Storage Drawers Mod – Blog

Minecraft Storage Drawers Mod

Whether you are playing vanilla or modded Minecraft, you may eventually become overrun with the amount of items you have. The more chests that you create, the more disorganized that you may become, desiring a new method to organize your items. Introducing...
Minecraft Tinkers' Construct Mod Guide – Blog

Minecraft Tinkers' Construct Mod Guide

Tools and weapons are a huge part of Minecraft, in that they are how most of us get anything done. Whether it’s breaking blocks, fighting monsters, or tiling farmland, they’re the conduit for which our character interacts with the world. Although thi...
Minecraft Waystones – Blog

Minecraft Waystones

Minecraft has an ever-expanding world with beautiful landscapes, awesome biomes, amazing structures, deep caves, and more. Sadly, not all of those are in the same place all the time. In fact, it’s fairly typical they’re as far away from each other as ...
Minecraft: Shader Packs – Blog

Minecraft: Shader Packs

If you don’t know what Shaders are, they’re basically a new way of rendering light and shadows to mimic realistic lighting in a better way. Minecraft has a simple design that we can all appreciate, but if you ever want to experience the iconic blocky gam...
Mowzie's Mobs – Blog

Mowzie's Mobs

In vanilla Minecraft, mobs build the atmosphere of the world, whether they are peaceful animals or hostile creatures in the dark. Many of these mobs, especially bosses, are fun to fight but lack a substantial reward for doing so. This issue is solved...
MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod – Blog

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

When playing vanilla minecraft for a long time, you may become tired of using vanilla blocks to try getting basic furniture. Introducing MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod, a mod designed to add many new furniture blocks to your world, many of which are fully f...
MystCraft Minecraft Mod – Blog

MystCraft Minecraft Mod

When playing vanilla minecraft, a large part of the gameplay is travelling to other dimensions for exploration. But after some time, the burning Nether and sprawling End may become boring, leading you to want something new to explore. Introducing MystCraft,...
Neat Minecraft Mod Guide – Blog

Neat Minecraft Mod Guide

Minecraft is well known for its many passive and hostile mobs, with some having more health than others. This can be inconvenient while players fight them, as there isn’t a way to see their HP. Solving this problem will make combat easier since you’d be ...
Oh The Biomes You'll Go Minecraft Mod – Blog

Oh The Biomes You'll Go Minecraft Mod

As you explore or build in vanilla Minecraft, biomes make up the entirety of the world. From vast deserts to tall forests, each one is unique and has its own charm. As you gain years of experience, however, the existing biomes become predictable and monotonous....
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