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By far, one of the most enjoyable features of a Minecraft server is that you can customize it past Vanilla. However, in order to customize the vanilla gameplay, you will need to utilize mods. Mods will change the aspect of Minecraft and give players an increase in options on how they interact with the world. With such a large selection of mods, the possibilities of enhancements are endless. These customizations added by mods can include features such as RPG elements, new worlds/dimensions, new mobs, blocks, items, NPCs that can be interacted with, and so much more. While the idea of these additional features sounds great, mods can be tricky to install if you have not done so before. Unlike plugins, mods must be installed both client-side and server-side. In order to add mods, both the players and the server must have Forge installed. This is why we have a Knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular mods that will teach you how to install, configure, and use each mod.

Easy Magic Minecraft Mod – Blog

Easy Magic Minecraft Mod

Despite being around for nearly 12 years now, vanilla Minecraft’s enchantment tables have remained relatively unchanged. While this block received an overhaul in 1.8 which added a Lapis Lazuli requirement for enchantments, very little has been achieved o...
Eden Ring Minecraft Mod – Blog

Eden Ring Minecraft Mod

The exploration of your Vanilla Minecraft server can introduce you to a wide variety of biomes and resources, but can easily become repetitive. This may impact where you build bases or other structures, as finding a suitable location is always a challenge....
Effortless Building Mod Minecraft – Blog

Effortless Building Mod Minecraft

Whether you’re building an enormous city or a small village in Minecraft, it’ll take lots of planning and effort to complete. This can quickly become overwhelming for some players, especially if they’re newcomers to the community. If you’re wanting to make...
Enchanting Infuser Mod – Blog

Enchanting Infuser Mod

As you enchant gear on a Minecraft server with friends, it can be frustrating to get exactly what you want. This is due to the game’s design, as random enchantments are available for you to pick. Some players may want to selectively choose what abilities a...
Enlightend Minecraft Mod – Blog

Enlightend Minecraft Mod

As players in Vanilla Minecraft continue to explore and go on many adventures, they may notice a lack of features in the End dimension. There’s only a few structures scattered throughout the void world with the vast majority of it being empty islands. T...
Epic Fight Mod Minecraft – Blog

Epic Fight Mod Minecraft

Fans of intense dungeon crawler games that play Vanilla Minecraft may want to emulate their beloved features, such as a reformed combat system. Whether you want to dodge an enemy by rolling or use special attack combos, it’s only possible through modifications. O...
Extra Utilities Minecraft Mod – Blog

Extra Utilities Minecraft Mod

As you play through Minecraft, efficiency is often the difference between tedious work and playing at your own pace. Throughout the game you may build mob farms, storage arrays, and much more to make life easier. These are often tricky, however, as the...
Farming for Blockheads Minecraft Mod – Blog

Farming for Blockheads Minecraft Mod

Food is a necessity in the world of Minecraft, allowing you to feed your character and keep exploring the world. No matter the source, a steady amount of food must be farmed to keep up with the demand, especially when playing with others. This can become...
Flan’s Mod – Blog

Flan’s Mod

Transport and weapons are a staple part of a vanilla Minecraft server, whether you use horses to explore vast distances or defend yourself with swords against creatures lurking in the dark. Many players feel that these options are too lackluster, however,...
FTB Essentials Minecraft Mod – Blog

FTB Essentials Minecraft Mod

As you play through vanilla Minecraft, the endless gameplay loop can become tedious after a while. Many Minecraft servers deploy the use of plugins, which can add new commands and features to improve player interaction. This may become problematic on...
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