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By far, one of the most enjoyable features of a Minecraft server is that you can customize it past Vanilla. However, in order to customize the vanilla gameplay, you will need to utilize mods. Mods will change the aspect of Minecraft and give players an increase in options on how they interact with the world. With such a large selection of mods, the possibilities of enhancements are endless. These customizations added by mods can include features such as RPG elements, new worlds/dimensions, new mobs, blocks, items, NPCs that can be interacted with, and so much more. While the idea of these additional features sounds great, mods can be tricky to install if you have not done so before. Unlike plugins, mods must be installed both client-side and server-side. In order to add mods, both the players and the server must have Forge installed. This is why we have a Knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular mods that will teach you how to install, configure, and use each mod.

How to Install and Get Started with the Botania Minecraft Mod – Blog

How to Install and Get Started with the Botania Minecraft Mod

Minecraft has a lot of flowers, but they don’t have a lot of uses. It’s nice to be able to dye your bed or give a poppy to your favorite golem, but it would be nice if they could be used for more. This is where mods like Botania come in to help budding bot...
How to Install and Get Started with the Minecraft Astral Sorcery Mod – Blog

How to Install and Get Started with the Minecraft Astral Sorcery Mod

Minecraft has had a basic magic system that has been very slowly growing since it was first introduced. It is possible to find vestiges of magic at enchanting tables, or by crossing an illusioner. Unfortunately, many players find the magic systems native...
How to Install and use the Minecraft OpenBlocks Mod – Blog

How to Install and use the Minecraft OpenBlocks Mod

Since Minecraft was first released, the community and developers have worked together to improve the game. The developers try to include the most popular requests, but some suggestions get left behind. Luckily Minecraft’s active modding community works h...
How to Setup and Use Proximity Voice Chat in Minecraft – Blog

How to Setup and Use Proximity Voice Chat in Minecraft

Simple Voice Chat is a proximity chat mod and plugin that allows you to chat with other nearby players without having to join a discord server or voice channel. This mod gives an extra level of immersion to the game and is a must have for any server....
JourneyMap Minecraft Mod – Blog

JourneyMap Minecraft Mod

Whether you are playing vanilla or modded Minecraft, there is always the risk of losing track of your position. This can become more troublesome the further you travel and the more locations to discover. Trying to write down coordinates can be tedious...
Just Enough Items – Blog

Just Enough Items

As you play through a Minecraft world, recipes are crucial to create any block or tool that you’ll need to use. This is especially true when playing with mods, as learning new recipes can be confusing for unfamiliar players. While searching for crafting i...
Lunar Client for Minecraft – Blog

Lunar Client for Minecraft

  Oh, the beauty of 3rd party launchers. Ever since who knows when, Minecrafters have been using 3rd party launchers to play their favorite block game with extra features, better optimization, more settings, and much more. But why should you use...
Minecraft Clumps Mod – Blog

Minecraft Clumps Mod

Modded servers are such a fragile side to Minecraft. They require so many plugins or mods to optimize the absolute heck out of em’ to relative success. Despite this, when a lot of players are running around having fun, entities tend to stack up. Server v...
Minecraft Controlling Mod – Blog

Minecraft Controlling Mod

When playing modded Minecraft, you may eventually find yourself with way too many keybinds. Oftentimes, mods will use the same key with different uses, making it difficult to find conflicts. In addition, when you have tons of mods, you may find difficulty...
Minecraft Draconic Evolution Mod – Blog

Minecraft Draconic Evolution Mod

Vanilla Minecraft has always been very straightforward with its tools and armor, very rarely providing new tiers to unlock and work towards. To combat this, many mods will add new items and blocks, but they are often replaced as someone gathers new ores....
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