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Knowledgebase / Minecraft / Modpacks

One of the best things about Minecraft is that you can customize it past the normal Vanilla Minecraft. In order for you to customize it past the normal gameplay, you will need to use mods. Mods can change the aspect of the game, giving players more options in how they can interact with their world. Many times, players will put together a group of mods with a theme to really enhance their gameplay. In doing this, they are creating a modpack. These modpacks can be found on many websites such as CurseForge and Technic. You can also launch these modpacks from many client-side launchers. While these modpacks are great, creating a server that runs a modpack can be a bit difficult if you do not know what you are doing. This is why at Apex, we have one-click modpack installers for your Minecraft Server. These modpacks allow you to install it easily onto your server, allowing you to play your modpack with friends easier than ever before. Every modpack is unique in their own way and can be confusing at first to understand how to play it. This is why we have a knowledgebase full of tutorials on how you can install the modpacks and how you can use them. Every modpack we have listed is on our panel for a one-click install as well.

Start a Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Server – Blog

Start a Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Server

Number of mods: approximately 0 mods latest Minecraft version: Always the newest version available Snapshots are the development updates of Minecraft where you can see all the upcoming features that are not yet ready for release and still in the bug fixing...
Start a Minecraft Attack of the B Team Server – Blog

Start a Minecraft Attack of the B Team Server

When playing vanilla Minecraft, you may become bored with the normal progression and gameplay, leading you to modpacks. Many modpacks simply combine mods, but some have a specific theme in mind during its creation. Introducing Attack of the B-Team, a...
Start a Minecraft Cauldron Server – Blog

Start a Minecraft Cauldron Server

Man, I love mods! But you know what I love just as much? Plugins! Sadly, just like my two fiancés, they can never meet… Although, with a the fancy implementation of Cauldron, this can be a reality! Cauldron is a combination of Minecraft Forge and ...
Start Your Project Ozone 2 Reloaded Server – Blog

Start Your Project Ozone 2 Reloaded Server

Vanilla Minecraft is cool, right? Mine a bit, craft a bit, then you eventually beat the Ender Dragon. That’s the main plane of the game, with a little bit of exploration in between. But, isn’t there more to do? Enter Project Ozone 2. Project...
Tekkit Classic Server – Blog

Tekkit Classic Server

Game Version: 1.2.5 Setup Time: 5 – 10 Mins Setup Difficulty: Easy Players: 2 – 30 Tekkit Classic, or even just “Tekkit” is the original modpack. It is a mix of “technic” and “bukkit” word wise. The original...
Tekkit Legends Server – Blog

Tekkit Legends Server

  The newest addition from the team at Technic is the very popular Tekkit Legends server which combines some of the most popular mods found throughout the other Technic mod packs such as Tekkit. We are proud to be the official host of the Technic...
The Official Crafting Dead Mod – Blog

The Official Crafting Dead Mod

Zombies are a common aspect to the night of normal Minecraft, but there aren’t different types of them. The Official Crafting Dead modpack gives zombies an entire remake and even allows you to have guns to protect yourself from all the hordes. Hunting d...
TPPI Server – Blog

TPPI Server

  In vanilla Minecraft, a large part of the gameplay is focused around the beginning and middle of your world. After you have the best tools and a massive base, there slowly becomes less gameplay options available. Introducing TPPI, otherwise known...
Vanilla Minecraft Server – Blog

Vanilla Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a sandbox independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to...
Voltz Server – Blog

Voltz Server

Number of mods: approximately 23 mods This modpack is fit for private to small server population. Voltz was created by the Technicpack team and is one of the most popular packs from this creator. servers. Game Version: 1.2.5 Setup Time: 5 – 10 Mins...
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