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Knowledgebase / Minecraft / General

If you host a Minecraft Server through Apex, there are endless features and possibilities to help you manage your server. Some of these features can include adding sub-users to your billing area, setting up a subdomain, installing plugins and much more. However, with so many different options and possibilities, you may be struggling to learn all of them. We have created a knowledgebase that includes general tutorials for all different aspects of both Minecraft and Minecraft Servers. This category has an enormous variety of guides that should be able to assist you in creating your dream server.

How to Respawn the Ender Dragon – Blog

How to Respawn the Ender Dragon

Fighting the Ender Dragon can be considered a staple to any Minecraft server. You may even want to wait for all players to be ready to fight the dragon together and make it an event! Sometimes though players might skip ahead and fight the dragon alone,...
How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft – Blog

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

Almost all Minecraft servers need a spawn point for new and returning players, which can be configured through multiple methods. Having a spawn for your users is important to establish shops, farms, arenas, or anything else that you want people to utilize....
How to Update Mods on a Minecraft Server – Blog

How to Update Mods on a Minecraft Server

Keeping Minecraft modpacks updated on your server and launcher are important for ensuring you or others can easily join. It can be a lot of fun to play, but when a new update is released, it can be difficult to change the pack’s version. A good example o...
Minecraft Banners – Blog

Minecraft Banners

In the world of Minecraft, the world is an expression of your creativity. Your builds and your way of living are an extension of yourself, and offer a good indication of your person to other players. But today, we don’t care about any of that. We need s...
Minecraft Color Codes Overview – Blog

Minecraft Color Codes Overview

While playing on your Minecraft server, you may notice that certain texts are colored or using bold and italicized formatting. You might want to use them yourself to make your server stand out by changing the default appearance of your game chat, item...
Minecraft Modded Server Optimizations Guide – Blog

Minecraft Modded Server Optimizations Guide

Of all aspects of a Minecraft Server, lag is something that no server owner ever wants to experience. No one wants to have to keep placing blocks that disappear or wait many seconds to eat a piece of food. These are just minor inconveniences in a whole...
Minecraft Server Compatibility – Blog

Minecraft Server Compatibility

There are two different versions of Minecraft that can be played on over seven different device types. This may cause some confusion when trying to determine what is possible to run on your Apex Hosting server. In this guide we will go over what devices...
Minecraft Server RAM Calculator – Blog

Minecraft Server RAM Calculator

So you’ve decided to set up a game server, but how much does your selected game require? Whether it is choosing from a variety of Minecraft versions or one of our many other games, each configuration will require different amounts of RAM allocated to t...
Minecraft Vanilla Server Commands – Blog

Minecraft Vanilla Server Commands

As a server owner, it is only a matter of time before you will need to make use of commands. There are hundreds of commands available in the base game. They can do anything from changing the time of day to completely killing every mob on the server and...
Modpack Creation Service Addon – Blog

Modpack Creation Service Addon

One of the best ways to enjoy Minecraft is by customizing it with mods. This is why we have many one-click install modpacks available on our game panel. However, you may want to use your own mods or a custom modpack. Creating a custom modpack can be difficult...
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