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Developing a Minecraft Server is definitely one of the most challenging tasks when becoming a server owner. You may have joined other servers and have seen many cool features such as NPC’s, Factions, minigames, and more. However, the question is how can you set that up on your own personal server? There are many steps involved in creating a server including knowing what plugins you will need, knowing how to install the plugins, and knowing how to configure/use the plugins. As we know how difficult this can be, our Apex Hosting staff have developed a variety of different premade servers. These servers can be installed with one easy click and will be set up instantly and ready to play. They also do have many customization options that will allow you to configure it to fit your specific needs. Knowing how you can configure each of these and what features each of them have can be a bit difficult. This is why we have a full knowledgebase of useful information on our 20+ gametypes.

Start a Preset Minecraft Lobby Server – Blog

Start a Preset Minecraft Lobby Server

When playing on any large Minecraft server, the lobby is often an integral part of the experience. Depending on the aesthetics, functionality, and possible rewards within a lobby, it can make or break your choice to remain on a server and play it. With...
Start A Skywars Server – Blog

Start A Skywars Server

When playing vanilla Minecraft, players need to hone their skills with the blade in order to take on the dangers that lurk around every corner. In order to develop these skills further, PvP game modes became popular, each with a different twist. Introducing...
Start a UHC Server – Blog

Start a UHC Server

Setup Time: 10 – 15 Mins Setup Difficulty: Easy/Moderate Players: 2 – 200   UHC is a gamemode where you and your team are teleported randomly into the map. With all other players. You are given a set time to prepare (usually 10 –...
Start an MCMMO Server – Blog

Start an MCMMO Server

Setup Time: 5 – 10 Mins Setup Difficulty: Easy Players: 1+ MCMMO is a plugin that has been around for ages. It’s common on many survival type server as a sort of enhancement for the base game of Minecraft. It adds in a ton of new skills that players c...
Start Minecraft 'The Walls' Server – Blog

Start Minecraft 'The Walls' Server

When playing vanilla Minecraft, collecting resources is an integral part of gameplay, especially when first participating in a world. After some time, players may wish to expand these skills even further to challenge other players. Introducing The Walls,...
Start The Bridge Server in Minecraft – Blog

Start The Bridge Server in Minecraft

As you play vanilla Minecraft, learning to maneuver and fight in tight spaces is a skill that any survival player will need to learn. Over time, players desired a way to further hone these skills and participate in a player vs player battle. Introducing...
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