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When running a Minecraft server, there are many times that you will need to access your server files or the server console in order to make changes. If you are hosting with Apex you will have full access to our game panel, a customized version of Multicraft. Through this panel, you are able to access and manage all of the server features as you see fit. The panel can be used for simple tasks such as starting/stopping your server. It also includes FTP access which will allow you to edit the server files directly. This includes installing plugins, mods, configuring files, uploading worlds, etc. However, if you want to make simple changes to the server config files, you can do this from the panel as well without connecting to the FTP. With so many different features and endless possibilities for your server, you may be struggling to learn how to properly utilize the game panel to do things such as adding plugins with our FTP or using our one-click modpack installer. To help with this struggle, we have a knowledgebase full of useful tutorials that will give you step by step guides on how you can manage your Minecraft server.

Your Panel Profile Overview – Blog

Your Panel Profile Overview

Your panel profile can be accessed by navigating to the settings icon along the top right section of the main navigation on the Apex Panel. From here you can manage language, email, password, and view your Craft-List account information. Language Allows...
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