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Category - General

Knowledgebase / General

We have created a knowledgebase that includes general tutorials for all different aspects of game server hosting. This category has an enormous variety of guides that should be able to assist you in creating your dream server in any game we offer as well as navigate billing and other non mc specific details.

Submitting Tickets – Blog

Submitting Tickets

To submit a ticket for support with your server or other service related matters simply navigate to the Submit Ticket and log in using your billing account details. The following page lists several categories for you to choose from, select yours: Support...
Top 5 FTP Clients to Access Your Server – Blog

Top 5 FTP Clients to Access Your Server

Managing server files in a fast and efficient manner is key to running a successful server. Whether you need to upload a world or download a manual backup of the files you will want to use an FTP Client. FTP Clients are just more advanced versions of...
What Is The Knowledgebase – Blog

What Is The Knowledgebase

Here at Apex Minecraft Hosting, we firmly believe that customer support is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft server hosting. We stand by this belief by providing you the most relevant, up to date, and concise information which you can access...
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