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Learn how to manage your CS2 Server Hosting with our Counter-Strike 2 guides.

CS2 Keybinds – Blog

CS2 Keybinds

Counter-Strike 2 is a strategic combat game that has many controls, as there are tons of features and abilities to use. These are called keybinds, which are keyboard buttons programmed to execute functions. All of them are customizable, meaning if you’re u...
How to Join CS2 Server – Blog

How to Join CS2 Server

Counter-Strike 2, commonly known as CS2, is an extremely popular first-person shooter game on Steam. This multiplayer experience is wonderful with friends, as you’re given the ability to competitively play together in highly detailed maps. Amplifying t...
Opening Console on a CS2 Server – Blog

Opening Console on a CS2 Server

Whether you want to use cheats on your CS2 dedicated server or customize your client settings, using the developer console to do that is required. This process involves enabling this feature and entering specific commands to achieve your desired goal(s)....