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Knowledgebase Update v2.0!

Posted: Mar 8, 2020 in Company News

mc head By ApexHosting

As some of you know last year we started doing updates to our knowledgebase to help better improve the searching and functionality. Now we’ve taken it to the next step and made it even better! Let’s take a look at what has changed in this new update.


Completely New Look!


Our old knowledgebase was very functional but looked a bit boring so we decided to clean it up and make it look much more sleek and slimmed it down. So now when you first go to the knowledgebase you’re greeted with 6 categories to be able to select from to narrow down which article you are looking for as well as a new search bar if you want to directly search the information you’d like. Once you click the category you want you will be greeted with a new page that has thumbnails and short descriptions to further help you narrow down the information you need.


More Information In New Places!


We’ve not only revamped the look and search functionality but have added tons of new articles as well as revamped some that may have been a little outdated. Along with this we’ve now integrated the knowledgebase into the control panel so you will have access to tons of videos that can help you manage your server directly while working from your control panel! These videos will always be the latest and most up too date to give you consistent new information to help you become a better server admin!


What’s Next ?

We are consistently going to be pushing out more new content as well as continuing to update existing articles to ensure the information is always relevant. We also plan to further optimize the search engine to make it even better! If you ever have any feedback or ideas you’d like to see implemented into the knowledgebase feel free to contact our Live Chat team to share your ideas! Also be sure to checkout the new knowledgebase if you haven’t already here!


Until next time,

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