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Setup and Play a Karmaland 5 [1.19] Server

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mc head By Dalton Whalen

Karmaland minecraft server


While Minecraft is constantly receiving new updates, many cannot deny the charm found through the various mods that have been created. Mods have been around since the alpha build of the game and have developed into the modpacks we know and love today. One of these modpacks is Karmaland 5 [1.19], a modpack that incorporates the best mods from the Karmaland 5 SMP. Whether you aim to explore the new biomes, wield new weapons, or furnish a home, there’s something for everyone. In addition to this, the pack always aims to be updated as newer mods are discovered through the SMP’s lifetime. With this in mind, we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to install and get started with Karmaland 5 [1.19].


Karmland 5 [1.19] is a modpack created by lupiiin_ on CurseForge and is based on the Spanish SMP of the same name. The modpack is split into various sub-versions, including the full 1.18 release, a “little” version of the aforementioned 1.18 release, and this 1.19.3 version. At the time of writing, the mod has over 74,000 downloads and features over 100 popular mods including Minecraft Comes Alive, Inventory HUD+, Alex’s Mobs, and much more.

Server-Side Installation

  1. Navigate to the Apex server panel, then log in.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section, then open the dropdown menu.
    Karmaland 5 Game File
  3. Here, locate and select the Karmaland 5 [1.19] version.
  4. Once the prompt opens, choose Change Version.
    Karmaland 5 Change Version
  5. Continue through the remaining prompts to create a new world and restart the server.

The server will now begin installing Karmaland 5 for 1.19.3. However, all players will need to install the matching modpack version on their own system before they can join and play.

Client-Side Installation

  1. Before proceeding, ensure you have installed the CurseForge launcher.
  2. Once open, enter the Browse Modpacks tab at the top, then search for Karmaland 5.
  3. Within the results, locate Karmaland 5 - 1.19.3 AVAILABLE.
    Karmaland 5 Install
  4. Press the orange Install button, then return to the My Modpacks tab.
  5. Hover over the newly-installed pack, then press Play to launch the game.
    Karmaland 5 Play


How to Get Started

Now that both the server and client versions are installed, you are ready to connect your server and begin playing on your Karmaland 5 server.

Character Setup

Karmaland 5 First Join

Upon starting the game, you will be met with a Minecraft Comes Alive introduction menu. This allows you to customize your character to allow unique interactions with the MCA villagers. To start, you can select a name, feminine or masculine, and whether or not to use the villager model.

Following this, you can then choose to customize how your character looks. This will allow you to fully choose the hairstyle, eyes, clothes, and various traits to affect your gameplay. Once you have tweaked your character to achieve your desired result, you can press Done to reach the final menu. This will give you the option of where to spawn, whether it’s a random location, a shipwreck, or one of the various villages.

New UI

Karmaland 5 New UI

One of the first changes you will find is a new UI found on your screen, thanks to Inventory HUD+ and JourneyMap. The former allows you to view a variety of inventory details on your screen, including armor, arrows, potion effects, and even your full inventory. This mod can be tweaked with the O key by default. With JourneyMap, you gain access to both a minimap and a full exploration map. To access the full options of this mod, press the J key at any time.

Inventory Books

As you check your inventory, you may notice two new books that you spawned with. The first of which is the Animal Dictionary, added through Alex’s Mobs. This book has information on the many mobs added throughout the mod, including their location, behavior, and even recipes. The Relationships and You book, it will give you an introduction to the Minecraft Comes Alive mechanics when interacting with village NPCs. Once you have a free chance, consider taking a quick glance through these to familiarize yourself.

New Mobs

In addition to these new changes to your character and screen, there are many new mobs to locate and interact with.

Gelada Monkey

Karmaland 5 Monkey

Found in high-altitude meadow biomes, these monkeys eat grass and will reside in large groups. Don’t be tricked by their friendly look, they are highly territorial and can get into large fights.


Karmaland 5 Bison

These hoofed mammals can be found in plains, snow plains, and meadows. While they are neutral, they are easily angered and will attack anyone who gets too close, so think twice before shearing them.

Snow Leopard

Karmaland 5 Snow Leopard

These large cats are big hunters, but have no interest in humans. You may find Snow Leopards taking a nap or stalking their prey. While they cannot be tamed, Moose Ribs will allow you to breed them.

Wooly Cow

Karmaland 5 Wooly Cow

Imported from the Minecraft Earth game, the wooly cow is a variant based on highland cattle. While fundamentally the same as normal cows, adding new styles allows for a more immersive experience.


Impressive Biomes

Karmaland 5 Pastures
Karmaland 5 Seasonal Orchard
Karmaland 5 Spider Nest

With Biomes O’ Plenty and similar mods, many new biomes can be found scattered across your world. The Pastures biome is very similar to plains, but is covered in barley while the seasonal Orchard is covered in autumnal trees and various plants. Some biomes are not as friendly though, such as the Spider Nest that lurks underground. This biome is filled with large webs, spider eggs, and other dangers lurking around each corner.

Various Structures

Karmaland 5 Outposts
Karmaland 5 Villages

As you explore, you may find a variety of new structures. Most of these structures are modified versions of their vanilla counterparts. For example, woodland mansions, villages, witch huts, and more have been adjusted to appear in extra biomes. The villagers themselves have also been adjusted through the Minecraft Comes Alive mod.

Minecraft Comes Alive Interactions

Karmaland 5 Minecraft Comes Alive

Whether you chose to spawn in a village or found one on your journeys, you will quickly find that the local villagers have been replaced with actual people. Each person can be interacted with in the MCA menu to tell stories, chat, hear rumors, and more. As you continue developing relationships, you can make friends, get married, and even raise children.


Karmaland 5 MCA Family
Karmaland 5 Family Tree

The longer you spend playing, your relationships can continue to flourish. If you choose to have a family, eventually your children will grow up to get jobs and have families of their own. In addition to this, other villagers will also develop their own family tree as time progresses. Whether you choose to settle down, gain power as the village ruler, or more, there are nearly-endless possibilities that await you.

Common Issues

The server does not start:

In some cases, the server may not start up properly, especially if any modifications were made to the server. First, ensure you have generated a new world after switching the modpack to Karmaland 5. In addition, if any recent mods were added, try to remove them, then use the “/fml confirm” command in the console. Otherwise, check the server console for any information on why the server may be encountering issues.

I receive an error when trying to connect:

There are many potential causes you could run into when an error message occurs. First, ensure that the modpack is installed and running on your own computer and is running the matching version. If issues still persist, verify that the server is online and that the IP address is correct. Once the modpack is online and running properly on both platforms, you should be able to join and play normally.

I want to change how the mods work:

When adjusting the configuration for mods, there are two main locations you may need to adjust. The first is the config folder, found in the root FTP directory. This will have many different options that can be customized for various mods. The second is the serverconfig folder, which is located inside your world folder. Between both of these configurations, you should be able to access and change any of the modpack’s settings. Keep in mind that any adjustments to the config folder may need to be replicated on your client-side files as well.

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