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Inventory Pets Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Inventory Pets Minecraft Mod


There are tons of unique animals and monsters in Minecraft, with some being more powerful than others. These can be normal mobs found in the Overworld or dangerous ones in the Nether, all having different attributes. This can lead some players to desire their powers, especially the strong kinds. Whether you’re admiring a Wither’s fighting abilities or wondering what it’d feel like to be a spider, it’s possible to be just like them and more. This is only achieved through the Inventory Pets modification, allowing players to use special powers by collecting pet-like items. For example, a small Enderman in your hotbar provides you the ability to instantly teleport at random locations. There are many other pets to try out, including blocks and customized ones. Setting this up to play with friends is a straightforward process, but may confuse newcomers to the modding scene. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use the Inventory Pets mod in your Minecraft server.

How to Download

  1. Navigate towards Inventory Pets on CurseForge’s website.
  2. Near the top of your screen, press the Files button.
    Inventory Pets Files
  3. Afterward, click View All and select your desired Game Version.
    Inventory Pets Versions
  4. Locate and click on the mod type you want, then press Download.
    Inventory Pets Download
  5. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Client Installation

Before using Inventory Pets in Minecraft, you’ll need to install Forge on your launcher. This is required to run the modification, which is an easy process to set up. The instructions below show you how to do this to begin loading the mod.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and enter the Installations section.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Locate your installed Forge profile and select its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. In the new window, find and press on the mods directory.
    Note: If you don’t see this, then create it for the installation process.
  4. Afterward, drag and drop the Inventory Pets file into this folder.
    Inventory Pets Launcher Installation
  5. Once you’re finished, return to the profile and click Play to begin loading the mod.


Server Installation

Setting up the mod on your server is similar to installing it on your launcher, as it requires Forge to be enabled. This is done by selecting it with the correct game version in the Game File area of your main panel. Afterward, simply follow along below to upload the file into the server files.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Proceed to type your Password in the text box and press Login.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Afterward, locate and enter the mods directory in the list.
  4. Once there, press the Upload button at the top left corner.
  5. Continue to drag and drop the Inventory Pets file into the respective area.
    Inventory Pets Server Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel.
  7. Restart the server and wait for everyone to finish, then join with your Forge profile.


Getting Started

Inventory Pets Mod Guide

The Inventory Pets modification for Minecraft only introduces new items, with the rest being uncraftable materials. With this in mind, players will need to collect some required resources to begin making a pet. It’s strongly recommended to install the JEI mod so you can view all their recipes. Once a particular pet is obtained, make sure to have enough of its food item in your inventory. This is to always sustain their hunger, which is noted by their durability since no one can use them forever. For instance, a pet pig requires carrots to constantly provide you with its ability. Besides this, hovering over it reveals all the powers and interactions available from it. We’ll go through the normal and unique kinds of pets to try out, among other interesting items in your Minecraft server.

Normal Pets

Inventory Pets Creeper

The normal creatures of Minecraft consist of many different types, from passive to hostile ones. Whether it’s a creeper or chicken, they’re available for players to obtain through this modification. Remember, you’ll need to craft them and cannot capture them in your inventory by other means. Besides this, players can expect these normal mobs’ abilities from their pet counterparts after making them. Some of these can be dangerous to use without proper gear, so be on guard.

Unfortunately, not every normal creature is available as an inventory pet. However, there are 20 types to choose from that are considered standard when compared to others in the mod. This doesn’t mean they aren’t strong or useful, as Squid Pets allow players to have water breathing, a swim boost, and increased vision while underwater.

Inventory Pets Normal Mobs

There are other amazing abilities that can truly enhance your gameplay, such as an Iron Golem, Enderman, Slime, Wolf, and many more.

Block & Item Pets

Inventory Pets Blocks and Items

Instead of using normal mobs as pets, players can try out blocks or items too. These include a Chest, Crafting Table, Anvil, Shield, and more. Each one will have new and unique powers compared to the previously mentioned kinds above, such as a Sponge Pet allowing you to absorb unlimited amounts of water.

Alternatively, using a Bed Pet can provide players with the power to instantly sleep anywhere or summon a living bed character in the world. There are some useful types to try out in this category, especially for quality of life changes.

Unique Pets

There are lots of other interesting and helpful pets to use in this mod, which are completely custom in Minecraft. These can assist players in combat, mining, farming, exploring, or to simply have fun in their world. Each one tends to have a difficult crafting recipe, as most require diamonds, emeralds, obsidian, or other rare materials. Make sure to have enough of these to make them all in your server, but can be bypassed in creative mode if you’re an operator.

Inventory Pets Cloud
Inventory Pets Unique Items

Whether you’re using a Grave Pet to keep your items after death or a Banana Pet to throw peels at mobs, there are plenty of unique abilities to try out. However, some of them are time sensitive and can only be used during specific months. For example, the April Fool Pet can only be triggered during April, hence its name. Besides these types, players can use a Sun Pet to burn and throw every mob around them in the sky.

We highly recommend exploring each one of these items to see what best suits your playstyle.


On the other hand, there are some uncraftable or unobtainable items from this mod to try out with cheats. These include a complete set of Solstice equipment with strong enchantments, spawner blocks, and entertaining materials like a t-shirt. Most players will not interact with them, but it’s an option for those in creative mode to have fun.

Inventory Pets Other Items

Otherwise, only use the unique and normal pets from the mod to enjoy your server.

Best Pet Abilities

Due to the amount of pets to choose from, there’s a wide range of abilities or powers to use. These can quickly become overwhelming for the average player, so we’ll be breaking down the best ones down below. This may help you build, collect resources, navigate through the world, or fight enemies. Regardless of your intentions, these may just be perfect for your gameplay.

Cobblestone Transformation
Inventory Pets Cobblestone

While using the Cobblestone Pet, players can transform Dirt and Grass blocks into Cobblestone. This can act as a way to lay a foundation for a new base, giving builders a new tool to use. Otherwise, anyone can use these pets to grief the world or for other in-game projects. Players can initiate this transformation by right-clicking while holding it. Remember to have enough Dirt in your inventory, as this block feeds the Cobblestone Pet to increase its durability.


Increased Loot

Miners will always want to have a Loot Pet in their hotbar, as this gives them more item drops from blocks or mobs. In most cases, the loot will be doubled for players to obtain. For example, mining one coal ore will return two pieces of coal. This can come in handy for anyone wanting to get the most out of their minerals, especially with the Fortune enchantment. However, this pet needs Gold Nuggets to sustain its durability.

Inventory Pets Loot


Spawning Minions
Inventory Pets Quantum

An intriguing pet to use is the Quantum Crystal Monster, allowing players to summon minions in the world. These little creatures will protect you from enemies, while following you around. This is perfect for combat situations, especially against other players. Most users may consider this to be the coolest looking pet too, as it resembles an enderman-herobrine hybrid. Besides this, only Lapis Nuggets are required for this pet to always have full durability.


Instant Nether

Instead of building a portal every time you want to leap into another dimension, simply use the Nether Portal Pet. This blocky creature allows you to instantly teleport in the Nether, without any need for obsidian. Using it on your server can allow for quick transportation without any hassle. However, this pet requires Obsidian or Nether Quartz Nuggets, making it a bit harder to sustain its durability. Despite this, it can come in handy for escaping sticky situations too.

Inventory Pets Nether


Inventory Pets Spider

Another useful pet is the Spider, as it allows players to climb walls, have a jump boost effect, hang on blocks, and give string items. Luckily, its food item is Raw Meat and will be easy to increase its durability. Using this pet in your world will be anyone’s best friend, as navigating any blocky surface is painless. There will never be a situation where you’re stuck, unless you’re trapped.



If you’re wanting to change how this modification works, then editing its configuration file in the FTP panel is required. This area allows you to manually toggle pets and their abilities, among other aspects. Doing this might be beneficial if you’re worried about overpowered pets being on the server. The following instructions show you how to access, edit, and apply these settings properly.

  1. Navigate towards the FTP File Access area, then Login with your Password.
  2. Afterward, locate and enter the config directory from the list.
    Inventory Pets Config
  3. Once there, press Edit on the inventorypets-common.toml file.
    Inventory Pets Config File
  4. Make any necessary changes in the editor, then click Save at the top.
    Inventory Pets Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Common Issues

Cannot Join the Server

In some cases, the server will reject incoming connections from players for various reasons. An extremely common one to encounter is entering an invalid IP Address:Port or Subdomain to join. Make sure to only use the correct address so the connection is successful. Alternatively, other causes for the situation can be a result from an incorrect installation. Ensure all players have the modification enabled on their Forge profile in the launcher. Without doing this, it’ll constantly reject their connection to the server. However, the situation may persist if the cause is coming from a server-sided problem.

Inventory Pets Aren’t Working

If Inventory Pets itself isn’t loading or working on the server, then double-check you’ve uploaded its file in the mods directory from the FTP area. Afterward, press the Restart button from the main panel to begin loading the modification. However, if the server doesn’t have Forge selected in the Game File section, then it’ll fail to work properly. Additionally, ensure the correct game version is also used for this process. As for any client-sided problems, similar solutions apply to the launcher. In other words, confirm Inventory Pets is installed in the localized mods folder and that Forge is being used to load it up.

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