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Integrated Dungeons and Structures Mod for Minecraft

Posted: Mar 18, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Spice up your Minecraft server with tons of new items, blocks, biomes, and buildings with mods. There is an endless supply of them available online for you to install and use. Only one of them stands tall above all others – Integrated Dungeons and Structures (IDAS). This completely transforms your Minecraft world into a grand adventure, full of surprises and wonder. Examples include stumbling upon a castle or finding underground ruins, providing players with the chance to loot hidden treasures. On the other hand, these new buildings can make for fantastic bases. Sounds nice? Let’s begin to explore the Integrated Dungeons and Structures mod and how you can install it on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting blog!

Dungeons and Structures

As the name suggests, this Forge 1.16.5 to 1.20.1 mod introduces dungeons and structures to Minecraft. There are infinite possibilities, amplified by new biomes and generation. Players on your server can expect to randomly find enormous castles or detailed cottages, full of loot. On the other hand, you might discover a dangerous dungeon filled with zombies and skeletons. This even expands into other dimensions, increasing the fun for everyone! These features add extra content in Minecraft, along with tons of other mechanics from popular mods. If you’re curious to learn more, check out the subsections below to get started.

IDAS Forge Mod Showcase

As you roam around the Minecraft world, suddenly new structures may appear on the horizon. These can take the form of towers, castles, houses, towns, taverns, cabins, and so much more. In the Overworld, not only do these generate on land – but also underground and in the ocean. This means you can expect a vast variety of new structures and dungeons, anywhere you go! Playing with friends on your modded Minecraft server can lead you all on a wild journey to seek out new wonders of the world.

IDAS Minecraft structures tower

Remember, there are brand new biomes in Minecraft with the Integrated Dungeons and Structures mod for Forge. This allows for more immersive buildings, along with detailed interiors with lootable items. Players can travel across the Overworld to one day stumble upon large snake temples or palaces in unique areas. All of these structures can be disabled or enabled, depending on your desired gameplay experience.

IDAS Minecraft biome structure

All of these new buildings provide you the opportunity to create fabulous bases with friends! Add onto the already existing structures to make it your own. Alternatively, build around it to form a city with the wonder in its center. If you already have a base, then make sure to grab all nearby loot inside. Regardless of what you decide, the Integrated Dungeons and Structures mod for Minecraft gives you endless possibilities to consider while playing.

IDAS Minecraft dungeon structure

While scavenging inside dungeons, mob spawners and chests will fill the atmosphere. Make sure to be well-equipped when handling these monsters – as they pack a punch. Once you’re finished slaying away the beasts, take advantage of the free items and blocks surrounding you. Keep in mind that this gets amplified when traveling to the Nether since dangerous dungeons exist there too. Unfortunately, there are no structures in the End dimension though. Don’t waste time and grab friends to play alongside you in this grand adventure!


IDAS Mod Installation

The installation process requires you to download certain mods before everything works. These include, Integrated API (1.18+), Create, Quark, Supplementaries, NBT Deadlock Be Gone (1.18 only), and Caves and Cliffs Backport (1.16 only). Depending on your Minecraft version, it changes what you need to use. Once you’ve gathered all of these on your computer, follow this guide to begin setting up your server. As for your launcher, review this tutorial to learn more. All of your friends must install these mods, including Integrated Dungeons and Structures, on their client before connecting to the Minecraft server.

Integrated Dungeons and Structures – for Minecraft

Customizing your Minecraft server can involve hours of finding the best mods to use, as most of them don’t implement enough changes to the game. For instance, one modification might only add biomes while another adds items. However, you can have it all with IDAS to prepare your world for the best possible gameplay experience with friends. You might even consider installing shaders to amplify the visual effects of these dungeons and structures. Regardless, we hope you have a wonderful time playing with Integrated Dungeons and Structures on your Minecraft Forge server!

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