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Incomplete Set of Tags Received From Server Minecraft

in Server Errors

mc head By Nathan Young

Incomplete Set of Tags Minecraft Error


Playing on your modded Minecraft server with friends can be tons of fun, but unexpected errors may disrupt your gameplay. One of these involves having an incomplete set of tags being received upon making the connection. This type of situation could be frustrating for some, as there’s a wide variety of causes for it. For instance, outdated mods or modpacks being updated on the launcher can trigger this problem. Due to this and other causes, there are many solutions to resolve the error and continue playing Minecraft with mods. A few of these include reconfiguring your client or reverting recently made changes on your panel. We’ll discuss how to fix the incomplete set of tags received from server error in this Apex Hosting guide to help you enjoy mods with friends.

Incomplete Set of Tags Error

Incomplete set of tags received from server

When trying to join Minecraft with mods, some players might encounter an odd error. This states that an incomplete set of tags was received on the server and you must contact its owner. Whether you are the operator or not, this situation can still happen. Changes such as uploading mods or having an outdated modpack can result in this error. However, determining the exact cause can be troublesome for newcomers to the modding scene. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of possible solutions below for your convenience. Essentially, you need to ensure that all your mods are the same on the server to successfully join again.

Possible Solutions

As hinted throughout the above sections, there are two primary solutions for the incomplete set of tags Minecraft error. The first is reinstalling the mods on your launcher by downloading them from the server and then uploading everything accordingly. This tends to help resolve the situation without further problems, but modpacks are a bit different. For example, newer pack versions might have deleted some mods resulting in the error if players join with outdated builds. Solving this is straightforward, which we’ll discuss later on with the other possible solutions.

Reinstalling Mods on Client

This process involves you downloading all mods from the Minecraft server and then using them on your launcher. We strongly recommend trying this method first above anything else, as it’s been shown to resolve the situation in many instances. However, we understand that not everyone has access to the server mods. If you’re the owner, consider downloading them and using Dropbox or Google Drive to compile all files into a downloadable zip. This can be shared with your users to ensure each person can join the server. As for normal players, we suggest contacting the owner to do the above solution or manually updating the files. The following instructions below show the process to download all mods from the server and install them on the launcher.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
  2. Copy the FTP Address, Port, Username, and your Password to use for later.
    Minecraft FTP Login Info
  3. Download and open an external FTP program such as FileZilla or CyberDuck.
  4. Use your login credentials accordingly to make the FTP server connection.
    FileZilla FTP Server Login
  5. Once logged in, locate the mods folder and Download this onto your computer.
    Minecraft FTP Mods Folder

    Note: Depending on the program, you may have to right-click or search for a button.

  6. Proceed to press the Windows Key + R and type %appdata% in the text field.
    Minecraft appdata
  7. Afterward, enter the following directory: …/.minecraft/mods
  8. Delete the old files inside of this folder, then replace them with your downloaded ones.
    Minecraft Install Mods
  9. When you’re finished, launch Minecraft and see if that resolves the situation.


Redownloading the Modpack

Anyone encountering the “Incomplete set of tags received from server” error message while using a modpack can simply reinstall it in hopes of fixing the situation. This is the preferred method for these kinds of cases, as it provides the best chance to fix the problem. It’s encouraged to redownload the modpack on your launcher, then try again. Make sure to remove the old modded profile before doing this on your client. However, the situation may persist if the server also requires a reinstallation of the files. For example, a newer version of the modpack may have been released that removed older mods. Players attempting to join with this type of pack will encounter the error, so reinstalling it on the server is the solution. The following steps below guide you through the process of doing this on the panel.

  1. Navigate to your server panel and press the Stop or Force Stop button at the top.
  2. Afterward, at the bottom left corner click Reset Server Files.
    Minecraft Reset Server Files
  3. In the prompt, select Mods and press the Reset Server button down below.
    Minecraft Server Reset Mods
  4. Confirm these changes by typing “reset” in the field, then pressing the same button.
    Apex Hosting Reset Server
  5. Return to the main panel and click Start to begin redownloading the modpack.
  6. Once it’s finished, join the Minecraft server with the same pack to see if that works.


Reverting Recent Changes

This method has lots of possibilities, as any mod-related change can trigger the error. With this in mind, we encourage you to remove any recently installed files on the Minecraft server. For example, uploading multiple mods without doing the same on your launcher will result in this issue. Deleting these from the server will resolve the error, but you can also choose to apply the same changes to your client to fix the problem. Other solutions may include updating individual mods, reverting configuration edits, deleting playerdata files, and more. Some of these might require you to review log files on your launcher to narrow down the cause of this issue. We strongly recommend that you contact our Support Team for further assistance if you have any questions or concerns about this “Incomplete set of tags received from server” Minecraft error.

Prevention Methods

Preventing Minecraft Errors
Avoid Tampering Mod Files

One of the best ways to avoid this incomplete set of tags error in Minecraft is to not make mod changes. In other words, consider only using what works and steer away from unnecessary updates. Another aspect of this is uploading new mods to your server, as this can also result in the situation at hand. If you choose to do this, then make sure that your launcher is configured properly before making the connection. Remember, changes to your mods on the server may trigger the incomplete set of tags error, even with modpacks. Essentially, common issues include having missing mods or mismatched versions of them on the panel.

Inform Mod Changes to Players

If you make any changes to mods on your Minecraft server, consider informing your players. Whether they’re friends, family, or randoms, this plays an important role in preventing the incomplete set of tags error. Keep in mind that any mod differences can result in this problem, so ensuring everyone has the appropriate knowledge to configure their launcher is ideal. This applies to modpacks too, such as updating or downgrading versions of it. The best rule is to simply confirm you and others alike have the same mods downloaded that are also used on the server, allowing for a successful connection.

Optimize the Minecraft Server

On rare occasions, nothing would seem to resolve the issue. This might be an indication that an unforeseen cause is at play, most likely on the server’s end. Setting up optimization mods may help resolve the situation, along with resetting config files to default settings. Making sure that your server is up to date, functioning properly, and overall performing well in-game are good ways to prevent the error. However, the vast majority of the time other solutions and methods will be better for this case.

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