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How to Trim a Minecraft World

Last modified on Apr 17, 2024 in general

mc head By Nathan Young


Hosting a Minecraft server with a large map can be tons of fun in-game, but sometimes owners want to download their world for several reasons. This can be a tedious process if the files are too large, as it would take too much time. Trimming your world will decrease the file size, allowing you to easily transfer the map to your computer. However, this can be a challenging task since it requires manually deleting files or using an external program. This is solved by using our built-in trimming feature from the panel, which will remove unnecessary region files to save space. In this Apex Hosting resource, we’ll teach you how to successfully trim a Minecraft world on your server.

Getting Started

Before editing your world, you’ll need to review important information so you don’t lose crucial map progress. Our system uses MCA Selector to trim Minecraft worlds, which is safe to use. However, familiarize yourself with its Chunk Filter conditions, particularly the InhabitedTime setting. This controls how the trimming process functions, as it’s the parameter to know what chunks to remove. The setting is based on the total amount of game-ticks the player(s) spent in the region. For reference, one second equals 20 ticks and you may calculate more here. Increasing that means more potential loss for world progress, so keep that in mind.

How to Trim Minecraft World

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press Stop.
  2. Near the bottom left of the page, click Trim World to get started.
    Apex Server Panel Trim World
  3. Once you do that, you’ll be prompted to confirm the World Name. Make sure it’s the right one!
  4. Afterward, you may edit the Inhabited Time field parameter that controls how the trim works.
    Note: By default, that value is set to 20 and represents less than or equals to one second spent in a chunk.
  5. After confirming the fields, press Trim world to start the process.
    Apex Server Panel Trim World Prompt
  6. The world is being trimmed, but you can view its progress by pressing Ok in the next prompt. Otherwise, head towards the Console from the main panel.
  7. When it finishes, you’ll see the “Done, returned Ok” message from the trimming script.
    Apex Console Trim World
  8. Now that it’s completed, you can Start the server back online to confirm the changes.



When the world is too large from loaded chunks caused by flying around or pre-generating regions, it takes up unnecessary file space. This may hinder downloading your map, but trimming it down will speed up the transfer. Our easy-to-use panel allows you to trim your world without any detailed prior knowledge. However, the trimming process could take a long time depending on your map’s size. Once the files are on your computer, you may use them in singleplayer or as a backup to save progress. Otherwise, you can continue to play on the trimmed world in your server. We hope this tutorial helped you trim the Minecraft world on your server.

Common Issues

My Buildings were Deleted
In rare cases, your structures are removed by the trimming script. This can be caused by tweaking the Inhabited Time value to an unreasonable amount. For example, if you configured it to be 72000 ticks, the script would delete chunks that had players in it for less than or equal to an hour. Make sure you are only using low values for the setting to protect your important progress. You may restore the world to revert the changes if this happened to you.
The Script isn’t Working
Sometimes the server is already running another script, thereby halting the trimming process. Make sure you weren’t deleting files from the FTP panel, generating a new backup, or anything else. However, if this happens then head towards the Console and wait for the script to finish.

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