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How to Setup RCON for a CS:GO Server


mc head By Nathan Young



Hosting a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server allows owners to completely customize their in-game experience. Whether you’re wanting to tweak gamemode settings or edit the warmup, there are plenty of options to control. However, this process isn’t always done while playing since some functionality is only available through the server’s console. This can quickly become a nuisance for many owners, as it’d be easier to do everything in the game. Fortunately, setting up and using the remote console (RCON) allows you more control than ever before. For example, executing a custom script to change the match’s gameplay is possible. Doing this requires you to configure a few settings and run a specific command, which may confuse newcomers to the CS:GO hosting scene. Due to this, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to setup RCON on your Counter-Strike server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Remote Console

CSGO RCON Tutorial

The RCON is essentially your server’s console, but accessed in-game instead of our panel. This is a wonderful way to quickly make changes or better manage your players. It requires a password, then an executable command to log into the RCON. However, any CS:GO server needs to have a valid Steam Account Token before everything works. Make sure to do this, and the Web API Key if you’re using Workshop Maps rather than the default ones in the game. Once these are properly configured, you’re ready to set up the remote console for the server.

Making a Password

As briefly mentioned above, the first task before using the remote console is defining a password for it. This is conveniently done through our panel, which has a section for all your customizations. Make sure to NOT give this password out to other players, unless you trust them with the server. Besides this, review the instructions below to begin this process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Customizations near the left.
  2. Under the Security category, edit the RCON Password field to anything you want.
    CSGO RCON Password
  3. Afterward, return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the changes.


Accessing the RCON

Any players wanting to access the RCON will need to first enable the Developer Console. This is an important step, as it allows for you to run in-game commands. Once this is accomplished, you’re prepared to use the remote console while playing a match on the server. Follow these steps to successfully make an RCON connection in CS:GO.

  1. Launch CS:GO and enable the Developer Console from the Game Settings menu.
    CSGO Developer Console
  2. Afterward, join your server and wait for everything to load properly.
  3. Once in-game, open the console and enter: rcon_password “Password_Here”
    CSGO RCON Password Command
  4. You’re now connected to it, allowing you to use the rcon prefix for any server command.
    CSGO RCON Commands


RCON Commands

Having RCON privileges grants you the ability to use almost any command. These vastly range in functionality, with some being more useful than others. For example, executing stored FTP config files is considered powerful in comparison to broadcasting a chat message. Regardless of what you intend to do, review and try them out from the list below. Additionally, check out our CS:GO Commands Guide for more information about the best ones to use on the server.

Stat ID#In-Game Stat*
rcon_password “Password_Here”Ability to access the remote console with your defined password.
rcon statusLists information about your RCON connection and other players in the server.
rcon map [Map_Name]Switch between default maps in the server.
rcon kick [User]Forcibly remove a player from the server.
rcon say [Text]Send a public broadcast message in-chat.
rcon mp_restartgame [Seconds]Initiates a restart counter to reboot the currently selected gamemode.
rcon exec [File_Name]Executes a specific cfg file from the server’s FTP panel, used for custom scripts.
rcon sv_cheats [0/1]Enables or disables cheats on the server.


Common Issues

Unable to Connect via RCON

Occasionally, you might be unable to make an RCON connection while playing on the server. This is likely due to two possible reasons: entering an incorrect password or using an invalid command. Remember, its format must be rcon_password “Password_Here” and should have the quotation marks. Additionally, ensure you’re spelling everything correctly and it matches what you’ve typed in the Customizations RCON field. Besides this, confirm you’ve restarted the server after configuring this area so it applies correctly. Following these solutions will permit you access to the remote console.

Cannot Use RCON Commands

Other times, players may be unable to execute RCON commands from the Developer Console. This tends to occur when an invalid command is used or failing to run rcon_password “Password_Here” before using any. Make sure to execute this so you’re given access to the remote console. After doing it, you should be able to begin using server commands. However, if you’re not prefixing them with rcon, then it may not fully work. In rare cases, some of these functions will not save in the settings or simply require another method to run them. For example, enabling cheats through commands isn’t viable for sustainability purposes since it’ll be overwritten by the Customizations area.

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