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How to Set Admins on a V Rising Server

Last modified on Nov 17, 2022 in V Rising

mc head By Nathan Young


Hosting V Rising servers can be tons of fun with friends or other players, but sometimes owners want more control. For instance, using admin commands to teleport players or obtain items are a couple features that people may want to use. Other times, server owners want to easily monitor players or make smoother gameplay experiences. These features and functions can be achieved by making your account an admin, which is done through several steps that might be confusing. Due to these possible challenges, Apex Hosting will teach you how to set admins on V Rising servers.

How to Become Admin

  1. Head towards SteamID IO and input your Steam username in the Lookup field.
  2. This will return basic information to you, but copy the SteamID64 values for later use.
    SteamID64 Lookup
  3. Once copied, head to your Apex server panel and click Customizations in the top left.
  4. Locate the Admin List option under Server Settings, then paste your SteamID64 in the field.
    V Rising Admin List

    Note: If there are more IDs, then paste them with commas and separating spaces.

  5. Afterward, return to the main panel and click Restart so it applies the changes.
  6. Join the server when it loads, then open Options and navigate towards General in the menu.
    V Rising Enable Console
  7. Make sure that Console Enabled is activated, then leave the menu and press Tilde (~) on your keyboard to open the console.
  8. Enter adminauth in the text box, as this will make you become admin.
    V Rising adminauth command

    This should return a chat confirmation message, which means you’re done!


Admin Commands

Now that you’re an administrator of the server, you can use commands. There are a lot to choose from, but we’ll be reviewing the most important ones to get you started. If you’re curious about all the other commands, then head towards V Rising’s Console Wiki.

TeleportToPlayer (User)Instantly transport yourself to another player’s location.
TeleportPlayerToMe (User)Transport a specified player to you.
kick (Character Name)Removes a character from the server.
banuser (Steam ID)Bans an account from joining the server.
unban (User Index)Unbans an existing banned account.
give (ID, Quantity)Spawn items on your account.
giveset (ID)Spawn equipment sets to your player.
addtime (Amount)Progresses game time by specified hours.
admindeauthRemoves admin access.
setadminlevel (user, level)Determines the account’s admin level.


Common Issues

Cannot Join Server
If you or other players are unable to join the server, then make sure to use the correct password. By default, the password is Change_Me and can be altered in the Server Password section of the main panel. However, if using the right one and it fails, then ensure the server is online. In some cases, it’ll take longer than normal to load everything. In any case, review our guide here to know exactly how to join the server.
Unable to Become Admin
At times, making a player admin doesn’t work due to an incorrect SteamID64 string or wasn’t properly applied. Double-check the Admin List from Customizations and verify the ID(s). If this is correctly configured, then Restart the server since it’s required to apply changes. If the values are saved and the server was restarted, then open the in-game Console (~) and enter adminauth.
Commands Aren’t Working
A common issue while executing commands is incorrect parameters, which determines its functionality. Visit V Rising’s Console Wiki to know the uses for every command. Besides this, online research might be best to understand how to use a specific function. Although, it might be possible your account isn’t admin yet. Remember, use the adminauth command after entering your SteamID64 in the Server Settings.

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