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How to Play Valheim Ashlands on Your Server

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Host a Valheim Ashlands Server

In the procedural world of Valheim, there are many areas to explore. These locations offer you and other vikings valuable resources, epic battles with enemies, and perhaps the perfect spot for a settlement. This is now amplified with the Valheim Ashlands update, introducing a wide variety of new features – including weapons, armor sets, creatures, craftable items, and so much more. Any viking willing to embark on a new adventure can enable the public test for this update. Whether you’re only doing this for your singleplayer world or dedicated server, it’s possible to play right now. However, you and others might be unfamiliar with this process. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to get started with Valheim Ashlands and review new features to expect. Let’s begin!

How to Enable Public Test for Valheim

The process to enable any public test for Valheim is extremely simple, as it only takes a few steps. Review the subsections below to begin downloading the Ashlands update! However, we strongly recommend making backups of your singleplayer world(s) / server files beforehand. This can prevent losing any data, which comes in handy when playing with test versions of Valheim.

Client Instructions

  1. Right-click Valheim in your Steam Library, then click Properties in the option list.
    Valheim Steam Properties
  2. Click Betas on the left and type yesimadebackups in the Private Betas field.
    Valheim Public Test Code
  3. Press the Check Code button, then select the “Opt Into” message at the bottom.
    Valheim Public Test
  4. If successful, Valheim will briefly update to download the correct files.


Server Steps

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Customizations on the left.
    Valheim Server Customizations
  2. Locate Steam Branch, then change it to Beta (public-test) in the dropdown menu.
    Valheim Public Test Server
  3. Double-check the Steam Branch Password field, which should be: yesimadebackups
    Valheim Server Public Test
  4. Return to the main panel, then Restart the server to apply these changes.


Valheim Ashlands Update

Before we jump into the chaos of Ashlands, let’s start off slow with decorations and building materials! Due to the new biome, there are more resources available to craft with – such as Ashwood Walls, Grausten Stairs, Flametal Gates, or a Bone Stack. These offer you new ways to customize your settlements, especially with all the different decorations. For more practical uses, consider crafting a shield generator. This helps guard everything in its radius!

Valheim Ashlands
Valheim Ashlands

On the topic of customization, players all around the world can now transform their character into the ultimate viking. There are brand new weapons to forge, such as Storm Star Maces or Berserkir Axes. These can even have unique effects, depending on how you upgrade them. This applies to armor too, meaning you have more options to choose from when designing your character. Feeling fancy? Craft a cape to slay enemies in style.

As you make your way through the Valheim Ashlands biome, lava will be your greatest enemy. However, you can traverse these lakes of fire to reach the other side for more unique areas. This will be a challenge for most vikings, as this biome is extremely dangerous. Consider exploring this area only when you’re well equipped with armor, weapons, and health supplies. If you get tired, there might be nearby temples or structures to relax in – but still be cautious.

Valheim Ashlands
Valheim Ashlands

In addition to all the chaos added with the Valheim Ashlands update, players will encounter a large variety of creatures. These include Fallen Valkyries, Charred Warriors, Morgens, Lava Blobs, and even a unique boss – the Fader. There are even spawners for these enemies, so try to avoid anything suspicious that has tons of NPCs around it. If you happen to find yourself in the midst of battle, take charge and fight with all your strength.


Host Your Own Valheim Ashlands Server

Valheim Ashlands Update

This is an extremely large update for Valheim, as the Ashlands introduces a wide variety of creatures, resources, locations, and more. Whether you want to focus on exploring, fighting, or building, you have plenty of options now! Remember, there are tons of new buildable items to use in bases – along with craftable materials to use too. Hosting your own Valheim Ashlands server to play with friends is a great way to embark on new adventures in the fiery landscapes. Use code “APEX25” to get 25% off your first invoice to get started, today!

Valheim Ashlands – FAQ

When does Valheim Ashlands release?

There is no confirmed date, but we can expect the release to be this year.

What new features are in Valheim Ashlands?

There are 30+ new weapons, 3 new armor sets, 2 new capes, 70+ new buildable items, 5 new crafting station upgrades, 30+ new crafting materials, 15+ new food items and potions, new locations, music, events, mechanics, and so much more.

How do you enable public tests for Valheim?

This can be done on Steam by heading towards Valheim > Properties > Betas and entering “yesimadebackups” in the Private Betas field. For Apex servers, navigate to Customizations > Steam Branch and select the Beta (public-test) option.

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