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How to Play Satisfactory Experimental

Posted: Feb 4, 2023 in Satisfactory

mc head By Nathan Young


Over time, Satisfactory players may have progressed far enough to want new content updates. These can be either materials, building items, cosmetics, or all of them combined. Instead of waiting around for these changes, players have the ability to get early access to future versions. This is known as experimental builds of the game, which the developers graciously provides to everyone. The process for enabling this isn’t hard at all, but isn’t common knowledge. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help. We’ll even show you how to do it on servers, allowing you to play with friends in experimental mode. Let’s begin!

What is Experimental?

Satisfactory Experimental

If you haven’t guessed yet, the experimental mode in Satisfactory allows players to access future content. You and others get to try out features that aren’t available yet, allowing developers to test if these changes are suitable for the game. This is a wonderful way to prevent bugs, glitches, exploits, and other harmful issues that would make playing less enjoyable. For instance, Update 5 released one of these exclusive betas to see how the changes acted in-game. Due to the nature of experimental builds, your saves can be at risk. It’s strongly recommended to backup any progress in your worlds, so that way you don’t lose them. Fret not, nothing dangerous occurs when enabling this mode…most of the time.

Client Configuration

When you’re ready to begin your experimental adventure, head towards your Steam Library. Search for Satisfactory, then right-click it. Select the Properties tab, revealing a list of settings. On the left-hand side, click Betas and open the dropdown menu. Proceed to press the experimental option, then close the window. You may have to download extra files before playing, but it should automatically be applied to your game. In other words, try launching it!

Satisfactory Experimental Beta


Server Setup

Satisfactory Experimental Server

As for the server’s configuration, all you have to do is switch the Game File to Satisfactory [Experimental] in the dropdown menu from the main server panel. You can review our tutorial on this process here, which is a quick and easy way to begin your adventures. Besides this, there isn’t anything else you have to do. However, similarly to backing up your solo’s saves, do the same for your server files.

You wouldn’t want to ruin all your progress over a silly bug in the experimental mode. Backing up the files can be done by downloading them through the FTP File Access area in the panel. Otherwise, continue onwards to have fun with friends!


Satisfactory Experimental Build

Once you’ve enabled the experimental mode for Satisfactory, you’ll be greeted with a prompt in-game. Make sure to acknowledge the risks and accept the terms, then proceed accordingly. It’s encouraged to share any feedback to the developers, as this helps with preventing issues in future updates. Otherwise, you can begin a brand new adventure or use an existing world to play with upcoming features. We hope this blog helped you learn how to play with experimental builds of Satisfactory. Have a good one, gamers!

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