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How to play CS:GO once again!

Posted: Dec 11, 2023 in CSGO

mc head By Kevin Lott

With the new release of Counter-Strike 2, what is to become of the beloved classic, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Well, if you’ve played CS2, you may have realized that rather than releasing it as a separate product, the game quite literally replaces CS:GO. So, what gives? Is CS:GO just gone forever? Well, sort of. Today, we’re going to talk about the only remaining way to legitimately play CS:GO.

Legacy CS:GO Version

Counter-Strike 2 is a significant technological advancement in the history of the game, with a commitment to its continued development. To keep up with evolving technology, support for older hardware like DirectX 9, 32-bit operating systems, and macOS is being discontinued, as they make up less than one percent of active CS:GO players.


Counter-Strike 2 will exclusively support 64-bit Windows and Linux. If your current hardware can’t run Counter-Strike 2, you can access a legacy version of CS:GO, but support for this version will end on January 1, 2024. Valve provides numerous answers to possible questions you may have assuming you’re a Prime status holder and would like a refund. DirectX 9 and/or 32-bit Windows users are eligible for a Prime Status Upgrade refund if their purchase was made on Steam between the announcement of the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test (March 22, 2023) and the launch of Counter-Strike 2 (September 27, 2023). MacOS users are also eligible for a refund if most of their CS:GO playtime was on macOS and they played CS:GO on a Mac between the announcement of the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test (March 22, 2023) and the launch of Counter-Strike 2 (September 27, 2023), regardless of when they purchased their Prime Status Upgrade. Refunds will be offered until December 1, 2023. CD keys, gifts, and accounts with bans are not eligible for a refund.

‘Frozen’ Status

What exactly is Legacy CS:GO, and how will it work? Well, Legacy CS:GO is a frozen version of CS:GO, meaning it holds all of its features besides official matchmaking. Unfortunately, support for Legacy CS:GO will end on January 1st, 2024. That’s pretty soon, not gonna lie. Valve claims that certain functionalities that rely on the game coordinator may work improperly or fail over time.

That’s extremely unfortunate. Nobody likes abandonware, and this version of the game can stand the test of time, as I’m sure despite how great CS2 is, some people out there will prefer the original. That’s just how gamers are. In any case, I’m thankful that they’ve made this version at all.


In conclusion, with the release of Counter-Strike 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is essentially replaced by this new, technologically advanced version. However, for those who can’t run CS2 on their current hardware, there’s the option of playing a legacy version of CS:GO. While this allows players to continue enjoying the classic game, I wish that Valve would be willing to support it a bit longer, but unfortunately, it seems they need all hands on deck for CS2. In any case, I hope you guys can enjoy playing Legacy CS:GO, and have a great day!

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