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How to Make Money on your Minecraft Server

Last modified on Jul 21, 2020 in general

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Making Money From Your Minecraft Server in Accordance with Mojangs Rules

Source: Mojang: Let’s talk server monetisation

If you own a Minecraft server, then it is likely that your community helps chip in to cover the cost of the server hardware and everything else required to keep your server running smooth. Regardless of its size and revenue, the following rules laid out by Mojang in June 2014 in this post will tell you exactly what you can and can’t do. There are many people that will need to adjust how their server is monetized due to some of the restrictions but there is still plenty of opportunity to earn revenue.

Legally, you can not make money from Mojang’s game, but they have provided an exception for all of you server owners. The most important idea to keep in mind here is that Mojang is attempting to protect their game in a way that will create a level playing field for their players on any server. We believe that they have done a good job in creating a set of rules that aligns with this idea and doesn’t step over any boundaries.

The overlying principle of the rules laid out by Mojang is that the sale of items, ranks, currency or anything else that would give one player an advantage over another is not allowed. This also includes “donations” that would provide the same benefits to a player giving them more power or access to more features than a standard user. This is a generalized overview of the restrictions on earning money from a Minecraft server, just ask yourself if what you are doing currently would fall into this category if you are unsure if what you are doing is acceptable.

There are still plenty of things you can do to generate revenue from a Minecraft server. The first and most common will be selling bonuses in the game which do not affect gameplay but provide cosmetic enhancements such as pets, effects, hats and more. You are allowed to accept donations or money as long as it does not break the regulations above. You can also require that users pay a fee to enter the server, they just must all be the same level. You can’t provide different levels of access anymore just like many servers do. If this is how your server operated previously, just try to consolidate it down to one price and provide all of the features in that.

You are still allowed to earn revenue from your server through sponsorship and advertising opportunities. If you have a large playerbase, than a server hosting company like us, will provide discounted or free servers in return for advertising of our hosting in the game.

A lot of people play Minecraft these days. Over 15 million copies of the game have been sold since the latest estimates in Feb 2014. That’s more than World of Warcraft, making Minecraft one of the the world’s most popular games. The people who play this game online like to do so in communities or in new and exciting locations. In order to do this people need a server to connect to. As a result tons of people just like you have flocked to create their own Minecraft servers and provide these places to play with their friends, family, and paying visitors.

Running a Minecraft server isn’t free. To get a really big server where lots of people can play together on complex and unique games requires a lot of RAM. If people can get a game that is unique enough, interesting enough, and has a good enough community then they have something valuable. A product they can sell. How many times have you been playing on a public server where someone else in the game had something you couldn’t get? Something that could only be purchased by going to that servers website and purchasing an in game upgrade? These things can be crucial pieces to your game play or funny trophies to gloat over your friends. Either way they’re valuable and the server owners sell them to make enough money to run the server.

That’s just the small guys though. If your server get’s popular enough then not only can you make enough money to cover the cost of your server, but you can also make a HUGE profit. Some of the most popular servers you know of like HIVE or Hypixel make more than 6 figures that’s $100.000 dollars USD a month off of their games and communities. What’s even more amazing is that you have the ability to do it yourself! There are three main tools most users try to make money of their servers. This article will tell you about all three.

The three most important tools to know for any Minecraft Server owner wishing to make money are Buycraft, Enjin, and Youtube/Twitch. By utilizing these three effectively with other social programs like Twitter, you can leverage your server to make you Millions. That’s $1,000,000 USD. It’s not impossible, we know a bunch of people who have done it. You can too.


Buycraft is an online store where you can easily sign up and sell digital products that interface directly with your server. The entire process is INCREDIBLY easy and has many options to connect to your websites with various embed options to suit your specific style or requirements. After your signup you can enter a simple java command they give you to connect to your minecraft server. Simply run the command in your Control Panel console to connect the two services. Then setup your store and decide how much you want to charge. Donations are also accepted and can be a great source of income from all users. To signup for a FREE trial of Buycraft Premium follow this link Buycraft Premium Free Trial.


Enjin is a world leader in gaming websites. Their experience producing some of the largest guild and server websites has generated an easy to use website generator that allows you to make a Minecraft specific website. With the Enjin plugin you can directly connect your Enjin website to your Apex server with ease. Once connected you will be able to run various plugin options to show ranks, voting, and other great and useful tools for your Minecraft community. The Enjin website generator as a built in blog and style editor so you can theme it to your specific server free of charge. To signup for a Enjin extended free trial follow this link Enjin Free Trial.


YouTube and Twitch are the last pieces of the puzzle. Every server needs traffic and attention. The best way to do that is to utilize an online video platform to show people how cool it is. By either making your own YouTube/Twitch channel or by partnering with an existing one, you can seriously grow your Minecraft server into big bucks. To signup for free for either Twitch or Youtube go to their respective sites at www.YouTube.com and www.Twitch.tv.

In the end though no amount of tools can compensate for a mean or boring server. Make yours creative and inviting as you possibly can. Foster an authentic community of friends and helpful payers to ensure that not only can you make money, but that you can help people have fun.

After all, Minecraft is still an amazing game.