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How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft

Posted: Feb 11, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


There are tons of building items and blocks to use in your wondrous Minecraft creations, with light sources being a critical part of them. You wouldn’t want a darkened area that’s almost impossible to see with the default brightness, right? Most players will agree, leading them to implement materials to lighten up their surroundings. Popular choices include torches, glowstone, and redstone lamps, but there is one that rarely gets used. This brings us to lanterns, which emits varying brightness levels depending on the type you place down. These items are great for dungeons, libraries, decorations, and so much more. If you’re wanting to make your builds shine throughout the world, then let’s get started!

Lantern Types

Minecraft Lanterns

Hinted previously above, there are multiple lantern types to use in your Minecraft world. These include the normal version seen across the Overworld and soul variants only found in key locations. For instance, Villages have them posted around to provide light in the darkness to prevent undead monsters from spawning. Other times, you’ll find the dim blue glow deep in the Bastion Remnants. Be careful though, you need a pickaxe to break and obtain them. These items won’t drop anything if you destroy them by hand. As for their crafting recipes, each one is extremely similar, as torches are used for both of them. Making them is relatively cheap in resources, only requiring some iron and other common materials. Don’t worry, we’ll be covering both lantern types in the subsections below for your convenience.

Normal Lanterns

Minecraft Torch Recipe

The most popular lantern type is the normal one, as it emits more light than its counterpart. Getting started requires you to mine some Coal and collect Sticks to craft Torches. This is an easy step, as both materials can be found literally anywhere. Due to torches being widely available, you can craft so many normal lanterns to add details in your creations. Just make sure you don’t waste any resources since every little bit counts!


Once you’ve collected enough torches, smelt Iron and turn them into Nuggets via the crafting table. This is needed to make the Lantern, which is surrounded by the iron nuggets. It’ll only produce one item, so make sure to have lots of ores in blast furnaces to create others. When you’ve obtained your desired amount, begin placing them down in the night’s midst to see how bright it is in-game.

Minecraft Lantern Recipe


Soul Lanterns

Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

As for the soul variant of the lantern, its brightness level is dim and not the best to use for most builds. It’s a great item for spooky vibes, but requires a different material compared to its counterpart. Enter the Nether and collect some Soul Sand, then craft Soul Torches with it. Luckily, its ingredients are common throughout the depths of Hell in Minecraft. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding soul sand blocks.


The recipe for creating a soul lantern is the same as its normal version, but with a soul torch instead. Make sure to have iron nearby to craft those nuggets, just as you would with its counterpart. After you’ve made all the ones you want, simply place them down to create a mysterious atmosphere in your creation. Remember, these aren’t the best for light sources since they don’t emit too much brightness.

Minecraft Soul Lantern Recipe


Enhanced Lanterns

Minecraft Optifine Shaders Lanterns

If you’re not satisfied with how these lanterns appear in-game, then spice them up with Optifine and shaders. This allows you to really see their brightness and even minor animations to add extra details. The normal types shine like a shooting star in the night sky, while the soul version is somewhat bland. Despite this, both lanterns greatly improve the atmosphere of any building, inside or outside. Explore your creativity and lighten up the world around you in Minecraft!


Whether you’re wanting to add a lot of brightness or just enough to your buildings, these lanterns are a wonderful choice to accomplish that. They are easy and straightforward to craft, requiring inexpensive materials. Otherwise, break a few with a pickaxe when you find them scattered around villages or in the shadowy bastion remnants. Regardless of how you obtain lanterns, we hope this blog helps you make the perfect creation. Have a good one, gamers!

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