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How to Make Books in Minecraft

Posted: Dec 4, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


There are so many different items to create and use in Minecraft, with some being absolutely needed for progression. One of these is a book, which doesn’t sound too interesting at face value. However, these small items can be used for decorating your base or enchanting equipment, among other possibilities. The best part about them is their wide availability for players to craft, as resources are common throughout the world. Creating and using books may not be fully understood by some, especially since there are tons of other helpful items in the game. With that stated, let’s jump right into Minecraft books and what type of uses they hold for you!

Collecting Materials

Minecraft Sugar Cane

Before crafting a book, you’ll want to gather some required materials for its recipe. This is mainly done by exploring your Minecraft world, as these items are commonly found around biomes. The first one you want to collect is sugar cane, which generates in groups around rivers, ponds, or the ocean. Once gathered, they’ll turn into paper for the books. If you’re skilled enough, preparing a sugar cane farm is your best bet to mass produce them.

There’s one more critical aspect to books that you need to know, it’s cows. Slaying these majestically blocky creatures will sometimes give you leather. This item is what binds paper together forming a book, naturally. Due to the abundance of cows, it’ll be relatively easy to collect them. However, there are other mobs such as donkeys, llamas, or horses that also provide leather.

Minecraft Cows


Crafting a Book

Minecraft Paper Recipe
Minecraft Book Recipe

When you have all the necessary materials, it’s time to start crafting a book…or multiple ones if you’re a rich Minecraft player. Firstly, make sure the sugar cane is turned into paper by placing three of them in a crafting table. Afterward, grab your pieces of leather and put one in a corner, then surround it with 3 paper to make a square shape. Sounds complicated, but don’t worry! It’s pretty straightforward to learn, unless you’d rather use cheats for spawning books.

Using Books

Now it’s the moment all you’ve been waiting for, well maybe some of you, book uses! There are several different ways to work with them in your world, but we’ll be covering the most important ones. These will help progress your character, server, or base, depending on the implementation. Check them out down below to get started using books in your Minecraft world.

Minecraft Bookshelves

The most popular use for books are bookshelves, used for enchanting items or decoration. If implemented properly, these blocks can act as both decor and for an enchantment table. However, in Minecraft 1.20 players can store books in bookshelves. This allows for additional storage and new possible base designs, so get creative! Otherwise, stick to the other uses.


Enchanted Book

As for the second most common use, using books in enchantment tables will give players the ability to store enchants for later. Once you have an enchanted book, apply it on any item in an anvil to use it. Otherwise, combine these books to reach max level enchantments so you can create overpowered gear.

Minecraft Enchant Book


Book & Quill
Minecraft Book and Quill

Other times, players may want to write in books rather than use them for other purposes. This requires a Book & Quill to do, which is created with one feather, ink sac, and of course a book. Many servers use this item for rules, staff applications, or other helpful information for players. However, the majority of users rather have books for other uses due to the benefits.



There you have it, Minecraft books have many interesting ways to be used in the game. Whether you’re adding decorations in your base or simply wanting to collect enchantments, these items come in handy. Due to their range of potential uses, many players craft and keep books in their world. Only some users don’t care about them, as villages can provide books from bookshelves. This is an easy shortcut, besides using creative mode to spawn the items. Regardless of how you obtained them, we hope this blog helped you understand the many uses of books in Minecraft.

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