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How to Make an Iron Golem Farm in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Make an Iron Golem Farm


Surviving on your Minecraft server or singleplayer world can be a challenging task, as there are many enemies and obstacles to overcome. Building a strong base and upgrading your armor are the best ways to stay alive during your grand adventure. However, these activities can be tedious to complete since many resources are required. One of these is iron ingots, providing you with many opportunities to make armor, weapons, or beacon pyramids for status effects. If you’re wanting to save time while collecting these minerals, then consider making an iron golem farm in Minecraft. This kind of farming is extremely popular, especially on skyblock and faction servers due to its production rate of iron ingots. Whether you use them for making equipment or selling at in-game shops, they have many uses. As for creating your own farm, this can be difficult since it involves planning and precision. Despite this, it’ll be worthwhile to build so you and others alike can begin enjoying its benefits. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to make an iron golem farm in Minecraft to help you get started.

Iron Golem Farming

Regardless of what recent Minecraft version you’re using, iron golem farming is always possible. Once the structures are built, these large mobs will spawn near villagers with jobs and fall toward lava if hostile creatures are around. This will slowly take away their health until death occurs, which drops iron ingots for players to pick up or automatically store. It all boils down to the type of design used for the farm, as there are many different kinds available. These change depending on the Minecraft version, as some will not work on newer instances. However, the main concept still applies: collecting iron ingots via farming. Besides this, the most important ingredients for these farms are villagers, hostile mobs, and clever structural design. If everything is perfect, you’ll be getting tons of loot that may soon fill up your chests. We’ll walk you through three possible iron golem farm designs in the subsections below to get you started.

Farm Designs

Iron Golem Farm Designs Minecraft

As previously mentioned above, you have plenty of options for an iron golem farm in Minecraft. Whether you want a simple or complex type, think of one best suited for your server or world. Due to the large number of designs, we’ll only break down three of them to try out. Keep in mind that you can possibly combine them to create your own custom farm. It may be better to start out in creative mode with cheats or operator permissions to play around with designs. This way you can quickly and easily build the structures to get it perfect. Otherwise, make sure to collect tons of resources in survival mode to begin this process. Whenever you’re ready, review the information below to see what iron farm ideas are possible.


Similar to a standard mob farm, these types typically involve one large square base with nearby villagers and hostile creatures for iron golems to spawn. Underneath this area will be your storage room, filled with chests and hoppers to collect the item drops. On average, players will need around 16 stacks of building blocks, lots of doors/trapdoors, water buckets, and other similar materials. However, this design can be built underground to converse resources.

Simple Iron Golem Farm

Remember, these iron farm ideas can be tailored to your needs in-game. Whether you make a smaller or larger version, you have the ability to do anything with this design.

Detailed Iron Golem Farm

If you’re a talented builder and only want the best looking structures in your Minecraft world, then consider a detailed iron farm design. These are small buildings that are primarily covered in decorations, such as a forestry appearance. Due to the flexibility of this, the required materials depend on your ideas for the design. It’s always encouraged to have a storage area underneath the main farm, as it’ll automatically store iron ingots.

Whether you have redstone involved or not, you have some options to try out. Remember, the core concept of iron golems spawning with nearby villagers and hostile mobs still applies. Make sure to leave enough room for them in the structure so everything works as intended.


Rather than a pretty looking or simplistic design, players can choose to build an extremely efficient iron golem farm in Minecraft. This involves redstone and multiple layers of the main concept, nearby villagers, and hostile creatures to trigger spawning. These kinds of farms have many levels to them, which all lead towards lava via water flow. Make sure to carefully build this, as it can be easy to make mistakes.

Redstone Iron Golem Farm

Besides the difficulty of this farm design, it’s the best one for iron production. There’ll be stacks of these items in your chests in a short amount of time, which can be tweaked as needed.

Iron Production

How to Get Lots of Iron in Minecraft

Regardless of the iron farm design used for collecting minerals, you’ll be able to quickly fill up chests. Whether you have one or multiple layers to the structure, over time it’ll be profitable. Keep in mind that more efficient designs will perform better than others, but nonetheless will produce tons of iron ingots.

Remember, these can be used for several different activities. For example, making iron blocks to create beacon pyramids or selling them at an in-game shop are two possibilities.

Using Mods / Plugins

Instead of making your own iron golem farm in Minecraft, you can use others in your world. This is achieved by using mods or plugins depending on your current setup. For example, WorldEdit can be used for both to give you the ability to copy and paste schematics with pre-made farms. This is a popular addon to try out for this process, as it comes in many different features other than loading existing structures. Whether you want to use it as a tool while building your iron farm or simply pasting an already created one, WorldEdit comes in handy for countless players. There are other possible mods and plugins too, which should also help you accomplish this task.

Common Issues

Minecraft Common Issues


Trouble Creating Iron Golem Farms

In many situations, players will have a hard time building their iron farms in Minecraft. This is amplified if they’re trying to accomplish this task in survival mode, as resources are limited and must be collected beforehand. An extremely popular method to create successful farms is using cheats or operator privileges to enter creative, then work on the structure(s). Whether you do this in singleplayer or on another world in your server, this gives you the opportunity to learn from trial and error. While actively building in-game, make sure to remember these important tips: have enough resources, carefully plan out the farm’s design, give jobs to villagers, use hostile mobs accordingly, and take notes about what works or doesn’t. These will help you make a successful grinder for iron ingots, but additional research may be required if you’re still having problems.

Iron Golems Aren’t Spawning

After creating your own iron golem farm and none spawn in, then make sure you’ve given jobs to the villagers. This is an important part of the process, as it helps trigger the mob spawning. However, if you don’t have any nearby zombies, skeletons, or other hostile creatures, then this will not work. Remember, you must have these mobs near the villagers so the iron golems can naturally appear in your farm. In some cases, they can even spawn outside of the structure if it’s not large enough with the right conditions. Although, you may need to change the difficulty from peaceful to something else if you haven’t already done that. This allows for hostile creatures to be in Minecraft, thereby giving you the ability to trigger iron golem spawns. If nothing seems to be working, then consider tweaking the farm’s design to be more effective.

Low Iron Production

If you’ve successfully created an iron farm in Minecraft and it doesn’t produce enough items, then increasing its efficiency is needed. This may result in some sacrifice, such as overall structural appeal or size. It can even require redstone engineering, as this tends to be the best way to get your desired results. Almost every player wants full chests of iron ingots, but this is limited to the selected farm design. Reworking this is the only way for you and others alike to increase production. Although, some servers may allow mob spawners to be used. If this is the case, then consider making a standard farming structure that has iron golem constantly spawning and falling towards lava to resolve the situation.


There are many different iron farms to create in Minecraft, with most of them being uniquely tailored to the player’s preferences. Whether you favor highly detailed structures or the most efficient process, you have plenty of options to try out. With this in mind, start building your own iron golem farms on your Minecraft server or singleplayer world. Use the loot for any purposes you want, from building beacons to trading them with villagers.

How to Make Iron Golem Farms

We hope this guide helped you learn more about iron golem farms in Minecraft and how to create them.

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