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How to make an invisible Item Frame in Minecraft

Posted: Nov 28, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Minecraft is a game of self-expression, the zenith of a city builder, or whatever it means to be an open-world sandbox game. From massive castles to dirt huts, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with Minecraft. This even stands true at the micro level, where Minecraft allows players to place aesthetically pleasing signs with words on them. This is fine, however, I like to think of myself as a visual learner. Today, assuming this capture’s your interest, we’ll be learning how to make invisible Item Frames in Minecraft. Let’s begin.

Item Frame

Making an invisible Item Frame (TL;DR)

Too long, didn’t read? If you want to make an invisible Item Frame, you’ll need to type in this command with admin privileges:

/give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}}

This will give the player an invisible Item Frame in their inventory, allowing them to place it wherever they wish. This method is only available to Java Edition.

Item Frames

What exactly is an Item Frame? An Item Frame is a block entity that displays an item or block which is placed inside of it. There is even a glowing variant that keeps the item inside of it and itself illuminated even in the dark.

Item Frames can be placed on the sides, top, or bottom of any solid blocks and even some nonsolid ones. To place them on chests and doors, the player needs to be sneaking. As Item Frames are an entity, multiple Item Frames can occupy the same block, although on different faces. It also allows non-solid blocks to occupy the same space.

Item Frame Display

Item Frame Display

If an item in an Item Frame has been renamed using an anvil, the custom name is displayed when the player places their cursor over the Item Frame. If a block is placed by the player inside the Item Frame, it is displayed in miniature half in, half out of the block. This is most clearly seen on stairs or slabs.

Map Display

Item Frame Map Display

If a map is placed in an Item Frame, it enlarges to show the map in the size of a full block, with the Item Frame’s location displayed as a green pointer on the map, pointing in the direction the Item Frame is facing. If this is done in the Nether, the green cursor spins around similar to the white cursor (players).


The displayed item can be rotated by right-clicking the Item Frame. Items displayed in the Item Frame can turn 45 degrees diagonally with a total of eight possibilities. However, this does not apply to maps, which can only be turned four different ways. The frame outputs a Redstone signal depending on the rotational phase that can be interpreted by a Redstone comparator. As long as the frame remains placed, it remembers the orientation of the last item held and uses it for the next item it holds.

Item Frame Rotation


That’s everything! Although this was meant to be a simple blog on making Item Frames invisible, I couldn’t help myself from including as much information as possible!. Item Frames are pretty cool, having unique functionality with maps and being an overall cool tool to decorate your builds. I particularly like using them to display trophies such as rare items and my favorite weapons. In any case, I hope this blog helped you. Have a great day!

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