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How to Make a Minecraft Server on Mobile

Posted: Sep 28, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Multiplayer in Minecraft can be tons of fun with friends, as you can build and explore together at any time. However, if you only have access to a phone, tablet, or something else, then you’d want to create a mobile server. This will let you play in the same world, picking up exactly where you left off. There are many benefits to hosting a server, such as advanced control over settings, addon or plugin support, and more. Although, the exact configuration for this varies depending on the two methods you choose. One of them is perfect for an easy setup, while the other is more advanced but offers more features. It’s a bit of a trade off, but allows you to selectively pick the right one for your design. With all this in mind, let’s learn how to create a Minecraft server on mobile.

Getting Started

Minecraft Bedrock vs Geyser

As previously mentioned, there are two possible mobile server setups you can use to get this started. The first is hosting a Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS), which allows players from consoles, phones, and tablets to join. This doesn’t have too many customization options, as bedrock versions aren’t properly designed for it. Alternatively, the second method is setting up a Java server with the Geyser plugin installed. This would allow players to join from any edition and device, with the added benefit of more customizable features. There’s a lot to take in, but we haven’t even started yet!

Bedrock Server

Minecraft Bedrock Server
Minecraft Bedrock Edition Ship Wreck

By far the most popular choice for mobile servers is a bedrock dedicated server. These are configured much more easily compared to its counter method, as all you have to do is purchase one from our services. Literally, that’s all. From here, you can join the server and instantly start playing. Of course, you may install addons or upload maps if you want. Other than these features, there isn’t much else you can do besides in-game commands, resource packs, and minor setting changes. Using a BDS isn’t ideal for server owners, as they’d lack control over the majority of aspects. Although if you want to save time, then using this would be suggested.

Geyser Server

Minecraft 1.19.2
Apex Hosting Minecraft

The most suggested option out of the two is using Geyser on a Java server. This would make all connections available, meaning you can play on either a console or phone depending on your situation. Additionally, you’re granted plugin support to further customize the gameplay. Whether you install custom items or set up an entire economy, it’s all possible with Java. The configuration isn’t too long, but can be for some owners due to the risks. A few of these problems could be connectivity issues, glitched player skins, or incompatibility with some plugin features. Besides this, most of the time everything runs smoothly for all players.


To make the decision easier for you, we’ll explore a comparison for both server types.

Bedrock ServerGeyser Server
Only mobile, console, and bedrock connectionsAccepts all connections
Incompatible cross-version playCompatible with many different game versions (requires ViaVersion)
Automatically ready to joinConfiguration required to start playing
Addon and Behavior Pack supportPlugin support
Limited admin controlAdvanced admin control
Unoptimized for gameplayBetter optimization
Resource pack supportResource pack support
Easily upload bedrock worldsDifficult bedrock to java world conversion
Harder server advertisementEasier server advertisement
Increased risk for crashes and bugsLower risk for crashes and bugs
Poor console log systemImproved console log system



Whether you decide on Bedrock or Geyser, it’s entirely possible to set up a mobile Minecraft server. This depends on the types of features you want in-game and on the panel. If you’re only wanting to play vanilla Minecraft without any additional configuration, then a BDS is perfect for you. Otherwise, choose a Geyser server to get the process started so you and others can play an optimized version of the game. If you’re still unsure about which one to try, then simply pick one and see how you like it. Our easy-to-use Apex Hosting panel allows you to change between server types, giving you opportunities to test. That about wraps it up, so I hope this was helpful to you for starting a mobile Minecraft server!

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