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How to Make a Hardcore Minecraft World

Last modified on Mar 4, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

After gathering overpowered equipment and defeating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, the game can become too easy for some players. This might spark the desire to challenge yourself even further to have more fun. Fortunately, you and others alike can make a hardcore world in Minecraft. This mode is only meant for those brave enough, as one death means game over. That’s right, your world can never be played again if you succumb to too much damage. The hardcore gamemode is available for both Java and Bedrock, spanning across singleplayer or multiplayer. However, newcomers to the scene might be unfamiliar with this mode or may be flustered about how to begin. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to make a hardcore world in Minecraft.

Hardcore Mode in Minecraft

Hearts behave normally in hardcore but appear differently due to the permanent effects of death. This is the core feature that players will always keep in the back of their heads, as one mistake can ruin it all. Besides this, the difficulty itself is always on hard to make Minecraft even more challenging. While traversing through the world and collecting resources, we strongly recommend avoiding unnecessary risks. Whether you notice creepers in the distance or want to parkour around lava, playing it safe is highly suggested – unless you’re amazing at Minecraft!

Setting Up Hardcore Worlds

How to make hardcore world Minecraft

As mentioned above, hardcore mode is available for Java and Bedrock Minecraft editions. Unfortunately, the latter version requires behavior packs to get everything working since Mojang has yet to officially introduce the gamemode. We’ll be showing you the steps necessary to set up hardcore worlds in Minecraft on Java and Bedrock in the subsections below. Keep in mind that you cannot change an existing world to this mode unless you manually edit the NBT files. We encourage you to refrain from doing that, as progress may be lost if improperly edited.


Mojang makes it extremely easy to create hardcore worlds, as it’s available in the creation menu. If you wish to amplify the experience, consider customizing the game rules. Otherwise, you’re ready to jump into this adventure! The following steps guide you through this process.

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Singleplayer from the main menu.
  2. Proceed to click the Create New World button in the bottom left corner.
    Minecraft Create World
  3. Afterward, change the Game Mode option to “Hardcore” at the top.
    Minecraft Hardcore World
  4. Customize other settings, then at the bottom click Create New World to play hardcore.



Unlike Java, Bedrock editions of Minecraft have no easy way to make hardcore worlds. The reason is unclear, but it might be correlated with spectator mode’s development. Regardless, you must install behavior packs to enable hardcore mode on Bedrock worlds. One such example is conveniently called Simple Hardcore, but there are many others online. After downloading this, review this tutorial to begin setting it up. In cases where you’re trying to do this on an existing world, make sure to backup your files beforehand.

Minecraft Hardcore Server Hosting

Minecraft Hardcore Server Hosting

Playing with friends in Minecraft can be extremely fun, especially when the stakes are high in hardcore mode. We here at Apex Hosting make it easy for you to set up your own dedicated server. All you have to do is purchase one from our Pricing Area! Once you’ve received your game server, enable the “Hardcore mode” option in the “Server Settings” from “Config Files” in the panel. If you want more challenges, then we’ve created a custom versionTextHere of hardcore to try out. No configuration is required to start playing with this, so have fun!

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