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How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

Posted: Dec 24, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


As many Minecrafters know by now, there are tons of unique and interesting ways to enhance bases. Whether these are mob farms or highly decorated rooms with head blocks, adding new features to your builds makes the experience better. Of course, when implementing new areas to your base, it can become annoying to constantly walk around. Most players try making stairs to solve this, but that’s a poor person’s choice. If you’re wanting something cool, then try using a bubble elevator! This contraption allows you to quickly float to exactly where you want. It doesn’t require many resources to make, so anyone can try it out in Minecraft. Let’s get started!

Required Materials

Before making any type of bubble elevator, you’ll need to collect some materials. These are required to produce bubbles with specific blocks, if this wasn’t already obvious. They include a Water Bucket, Kelp, Soul Sand, Magma Block, and Signs. However, keep in mind that there are many different elevator designs, so these are considered the bare minimum materials to collect. It’s also important to note that soul sand makes you go upwards, while magma blocks make you fall. Depending on the type of elevator you want, choose these materials accordingly. As one final note before making one, make sure to have enough building blocks (any kind) for the main structure.

Minecraft Bubble Elevator Materials


Building Elevators

Minecraft Bubble Elevator

When you’ve gathered all necessary materials, it’s time to create your bubble elevator! Whether you’re wanting to make navigation in your base easier, convenient, or flex to your friends, these structures help with that. This is especially important for large builds, as it can be too challenging or annoying to walk through multiple levels. Regardless of your reasoning for using bubbles to quickly reach your destination, making elevators is fairly simple.

  1. Collect some building blocks, then make a tower with one block in the center.
    Minecraft Bubble Elevator Base
  2. Do this until you’re satisfied, then choose an entry location in the tower.
  3. Afterward, place Water at the top and create an opening at the bottom.
  4. Place Signs on separate blocks from this entry point, so water doesn’t escape.
    Minecraft Bubble Elevator Signs
  5. Next, place Kelp from the bottom all the way to the top.
    Minecraft Bubble Elevator Kelp
  6. Once every water block has kelp, break it all.
  7. Place down Soul Sand or a Magma Block at the bottom.
  8. You can now use your bubble powered elevator!
    Minecraft Bubble Elevator

    Reminder: Soul Sand makes you go upwards, while Magma Blocks make you fall down.



There are lots of different designs to create an elevator, but the same principles apply to each one. In other words, get creative and see what works best for you. A good example is making a multi-directional bubble elevator powered with soul sand and magma blocks. Other designs may include adding Redstone power, as some players can use activation mechanics to open pathways within the elevator. If you’re interested in unique concepts for them, we highly encourage you to look them up online since they can get complex to make. Besides this, we hope you have a good time riding with bubbles, see you later gamer!

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