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How to Join an Enshrouded Server

Last modified on Mar 25, 2024 in Enshrouded

mc head By Nathan Young

Enshrouded servers can spark new adventures with friends across Embervale, the Fallen Realm. Whether you focus on building or leveling up skills, there are plenty of activities to try out. However, all of this starts when you first join an Enshrouded server – with some players being unfamiliar with the process. Fortunately, there are two methods to make a successful connection! These are both straightforward and extremely easy to accomplish. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to join an Enshrouded server.

Joining Enshrouded Servers with Server Name

The Enshrouded server name can be used to make a connection, which is our first method to get started. This is considered the most popular way to join, as it’s all in-game and easy to do. If you’ve purchased an Enshrouded server from our Pricing Area, then you can find its name in the “Customizations” area from the panel once logged in – change this to anything you want. For more information about this setup, review this guide. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin joining your Enshrouded server.

  1. Launch Enshrouded and click Play, then Join when prompted.
    Enshrouded Join Server
  2. Select Search For Server Name and type the name, then click Confirm.
    Enshrouded Join Server Guide
  3. Wait for your server to appear, then press the Join button afterward.
    Enshrouded Server List
  4. If successful, you’ll load into the server and begin playing with friends.


Connecting to Enshrouded Servers with IP Address

An alternative method to make the connection is to use the Steam Game Servers list feature. This offers you a way to manually keep track of your servers, which might come in handy. This process is extremely straightforward but might pose more problems compared to the Enshrouded server name version. Additionally, you must head towards your Apex server panel to find the IP Address:Port values beforehand. When you’re ready, follow along below to get started!

  1. Open Steam and click View at the top left, then press Game Servers.
    Steam Game Servers
  2. In the new prompt, click the Plus icon and enter your IP Address:Port.
    Enshrouded Steam Server Join
  3. Wait for the server to appear, then select it and press the Connect button.
    Enshrouded Steam Server
  4. If successful, you’ll load into your Enshrouded server to begin playing with others.


Enshrouded Server Connections

While playing on your Enshrouded server with friends, lots of fun activities and events will happen. Whether you’re building a brand new kingdom or searching for hidden knowledge in secret areas, there is always something to try out. All of this is only possible with connections, so make sure you’re satisfied with the way to join your Enshrouded server. Best of luck, Shroud Survivor!

Common Issues

Unable to Find Enshrouded Server in List

In cases where your Enshrouded server isn’t appearing in the list, consider refreshing. This tends to help reveal it, allowing you to easily join. However, if the server is offline or experienced an unforeseen problem, then this might prevent anyone from connecting. Check to see if it’s operational and online, then try again. On rare occasions, players might have to reboot Enshrouded and restart the server for this to work properly.

Can’t Join Using Steam Server List

An extremely common issue with the Steam Game Server list is that servers don’t appear all the time – despite being online. Solving this requires you to refresh or change the used port. For instance, “25606” can be turned into “25607” for this to work – but it heavily depends on what the “Additional Ports” section of your server panel says. Reach out to our Support Team for extra assistance with this particular issue, if you’re unable to resolve it.

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