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How to Install the Stacksize Controller Plugin for Rust Servers

Last modified on Nov 17, 2023 in rust

mc head By Dalton Whalen


When playing on a Rust server, you may find yourself troubled with repetitive item stacks taking up your storage. This can cause trouble if you require tons of the same item or increase resource gathering for items like wood. Luckily, the Stacksize Controller plugin allows you to increase this limitation and greatly affect how many items you can store at once. Installing this Rust plugin can be tedious if you are unfamiliar with the instructions, so we have created this Apex Hosting guide to ease you through the installation process.

Adding Stacksize Controller

  1. Download the plugin from the uMod page.
    Rust Stacks Download
  2. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel and stop the server.
  3. Scroll down to Enable uMod Support and ensure the box is checked, then press save.
    Rust Stacks UMod
  4. Proceed to the FTP File Access on the left-hand side.
  5. Continue to the oxide folder, followed by the plugins folder.
    Rust Stacks
  6. Drag + drop the plugin .cs file into the right-hand side.
  7. Once at 100%, return to the main panel page and start the server.
  8. Rust Stacks Upload


Stack Size Commands

There are numerous commands to configure this plugin. Below is a list of commands you may require:

stacksizecontroller.setallstacks [stack multiplier] – Sets the stack multiplier for every category at once for all compatible items.

stacksizecontroller.setstack [item shortname or id] [stack limit or multiplier] – Sets the stack multiplier for a specific item.

stacksizecontroller.listcategories – List all item categories that are available for commands.

stacksizecontroller.listcategoryitems [category name] – Lists every item within a category type.

stacksizecontroller.setstackcat [category name] [stack multiplier] – Sets the stack multiplier for all items in a category.

A full list of console commands is available on the plugin page.

Using Commands Through Console

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel.
  2. Access the Console on the left-hand side.
  3. In the text field, enter your desired command, then press enter.
    Rust Stacks Console

E.g. stacksizecontroller.setallstacks 200

Common Issues

The plugin commands are not working:
Oftentimes, this means that the server did not properly load up with the plugin. First, ensure that the Enable uMod Support box is checked and saved on the main panel page. Afterwards, double-check to ensure that the plugin file is uploaded into the correct location. If this is all correct, restart the server once more to reload the plugin.

The commands are not working for me in-game:
In order to use these commands in-game, you will first need to make sure your player is an admin. Otherwise, ensure you have given yourself all permissions. This can be done using oxide.grant user [YourSteam64ID] stacksizecontroller.*. Otherwise, try using the commands in the console itself.

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