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How to install Rainbow Minecraft Server

Last modified on Oct 28, 2019 in general

mc head By Apex

Bukkit Alternative

The DMCA take down and the loss of new bukkit, spigot, and cauldron servers has left a lot of people asking what next. What is there after bukkit? While there are of course plenty of modpacks and forge servers to choose from as well as older bukkit builds, people want new plugins for Minecraft. After a long wait we finally have a supported alternative.

Rainbow Servers

A CraftBukkit competitor has stepped apart from the other alternatives like sponge or husk. Rainbow, the best new Minecraft server for plugins since Bukkit is now up and ready to be played. To make things easy for you guys we have added the Rainbow.jar into every servers Multicraft control panel JAR SETTINGS drop down menu. Our good friend Nic’s Gaming has been kind enough to provide us with a video of how to install Rainbow on your Minecraft server now.

Install Plugins on a Rainbow Server

The process of adding plugins to a Rainbow server is the same as adding to a Bukkit server.