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How to Install and Use the Better Loot Plugin in Rust

Last modified on Oct 26, 2022 in Rust

mc head By Dalton Whalen


Within the chaotic lands of Rust, the fight for resources and items is a constant battle between players. Whether it is gathering wood or collecting loot from containers, many people believe that the default settings are not up to par. To combat this, plugins were created to improve upon the gameplay in many ways. One of these is Better Loot, a uMod plugin that allows you to completely redefine the Rust loot tables for any container. Whether you increase the multiplier of scrap or want more of an item to drop, this is all available with the configuration options provided. Installing Rust plugins is easy with our Apex Hosting panel uploader, so we have created this tutorial to help you get started.


Better Loot is created by TryHard on uMod, who is responsible for other Rust plugins such as Connect Respawn and No Heli Fire. The plugin currently has over 118,000 downloads and may be vital to your Rust server experience. With Better Loot, you can completely customize the loot that appears in containers, blacklist items, and more.

Downloading and Server Preparation

  1. Visit the Better Loot uMod page.
  2. In the top-right, press Download and save the file for later.
  3. After this, navigate to your Apex server panel and stop the server.
  4. From the main page, scroll down to the Enable uMod Support section.
  5. Ensure the checkbox is selected.

This will ensure that plugins can be run on your Rust server. Once this is complete, you will now need to install the plugin file to the server itself.

Plugin Installation

  1. Ensure you are still on the main page of the Apex panel.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the FTP File Access and log in.
  3. Here, proceed to the oxide folder, followed by plugins.
  4. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop your plugin .cs file.
  5. Once at 100% uploaded, return to the main panel page.
  6. Restart the server to load up Rust with the Better Loot plugin.


Configuration Options

  1. Return to the FTP File Access and log in like before.
  2. Enter the oxide folder, then the config folder.
  3. Locate BetterLoot.json and press Edit to the far-right.
  4. Once the text editor opens, you can begin tweaking your settings:


Generic Settings



Setting NameDescription
blueprintProbabilityThe percentage chance for a blueprint to spawn.
listUpdatesOnLoadedLists the loot changes whenever the plugin loads.
removeStackedContainersRemoves any containers that are in/on each other.
watchedPrefabsThe list for every container the plugin will adjust loot for.


Loot Settings



Setting NameDescription
enableHammerLootCycleWhether loot will refresh when it is hit by a hammer.
hammerLootCycleTimeHow many seconds until the loot refreshes from the hammer.
lootMultiplierMultiplier for the loot found inside containers.
scrapMultiplierMultiplier for scrap that is found inside containers.


Rarity Settings

Adjusting these values will allow you to override the rarity of specific items within the loot container. By default this includes the Autoturret, M249, and Targeting Computer. The higher a number, the more rare it will be to find.



Plugin Data Files


In addition to the configuration options, there are a few more folders that are located within /oxide/data/BetterLoot. Here you will find 3 files with their own uses.
A list of items that are blacklisted from being adjusted by the BetterLoot plugin. This file can be edited manually or by using the /blacklist additem and /blacklist deleteitem commands as an owner in-game. This only includes the Flare item by default.


Allows you manually adjust which items appear in certain containers and how many of that item can appear.


This file will display each of the in-game item code names for use in any of the previous config files.


Common Issues

With that, you now know how to install and get started with the Better Loot plugin for Rust. With so many configuration options, you can completely tweak your server to fit your exact needs. This can be beneficial for adding more ammunition, healing items, or even just increasing the amount of scrap that can be found. The possible combinations are near-endless and can be changed at any time. If you wish to make certain items or containers exempt, simply adjust the blacklist and prefab list accordingly. With this in mind, you are ready to use Better Loot and jump back into the dangerous world of Rust!

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