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How to Fix Minecraft Multiplayer is Disabled

Posted: Mar 13, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Getting started in Minecraft to play with friends and family can prove to be difficult for some users. These issues may vary, but a common one is multiplayer being disabled. This can happen on PC or Xbox, resulting in the player’s inability to join servers, online worlds, or realms. Solving this can be tedious or extremely simple, depending on the root cause of the problem. Don’t worry, we’ll be reviewing all possibilities in this article to help you fix the Minecraft multiplayer disabled issue – so you and others can begin playing together!

Fixing Disabled Multiplayer in Minecraft

Minecraft Disabled Multiplayer

There’s one method for the official Minecraft launcher, another for Xbox, and one acting as a universal way to fix the issue. However, it all boils down to your account or device setup. Review the following sections accordingly to begin.

Minecraft Launcher: Microsoft Account

For those using the Minecraft launcher on their PC, consider signing out of your Microsoft account and logging in to the correct one. In cases where you’re using the wrong type, then this could cause the multiplayer disabled issue. Make sure to use the right account when trying to play on servers! However, this doesn’t resolve all issues since account settings can prevent online connections.

Universal: Account Family Settings

Whether you’re on PC or console, having a Microsoft family account might explain the Minecraft multiplayer issue. This is due to the real possibility of your settings blocking any server connection. Solving this situation requires you to sign into the family account here. Afterward, begin editing options that impact multiplayer experiences – such as allowed apps, online settings, and more.

*If you’re under the age of 18 years old, have your parents or guardians do this for you.

Xbox: Account Settings

Players using Xbox to play Minecraft multiplayer might need to enable online capabilities for their account. This is achieved by enabling the “You can join multiplayer games“ option from the Xbox Account Settings page in the device online safety category. Repeat this process for all accounts that are impacted to resolve the issue.

Minecraft Multiplayer Safety

Minecraft Multiplayer Safety

When players typically encounter Minecraft multiplayer being disabled, it means that the account settings were changed for safety reasons. Whether this was done on purpose or not, that’s likely the case – but can be a simple issue of using the wrong account. If this randomly happened, then we heavily recommend reaching out to your account owner, parent, or guardian since they might have changed it. Otherwise, contacting Microsoft may also prove useful if you believe the account was compromised. With all of this in mind, we hope this helps you begin playing on Minecraft multiplayer servers with friends and family!

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