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How to Edit Multipliers in Conan Exiles

in Conan Exiles

mc head By Nathan Young

Conan Exiles Edit Multipliers


Surviving in Conan Exiles can become challenging, as monsters may be too powerful or leveling up takes too long. This can lead to a desire for changing the difficulty, which would improve the gameplay for you and other players. Solving this scenario requires multipliers, settings that are used to control the game’s functionality. For instance, you can increase player damage to quickly slay enemies or decrease idle hunger to save food. There is a large variety of multipliers, ranging from crafting to collecting XP. This is configured through in-game menus, making the editing process easier compared to changing server files. In this Apex Hosting resource, we’ll teach you the different multiplier types and how to edit them on your Conan Exiles server.

How to Edit Multipliers

Before accessing the server settings, let alone editing them, you’ll need to become an admin. Once you have permissions, all options can be conveniently changed in-game. When customizing the settings, it’ll automatically apply without a server restart unlike other games. This is extremely useful, as it wouldn’t disrupt gameplay and saves you time from tweaking files.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Customizations near the top left.
  2. In the Security section, locate and configure the Admin Password area.
    Conan Exiles Server Panel Admin Password
  3. Once you have a password, Restart the server from the main panel and join.
  4. While in-game, press ESC and click Settings at the bottom.
    Conan Exiles Settings Menu
  5. In the top right corner, select Server Settings and click Make Me Admin from General.
    Conan Exiles Make Me Admin
  6. Enter the admin password you configured in the server panel, then press OK.
    Conan Exiles Entering Admin Password
  7. When this is finished, click the Back button and re-open the Server Settings.
    Note: The game will fully recognize you as an admin.
  8. Afterward, you may start editing any multiplier from the list on the left.



Conan Exiles Multipliers

Now that you may tweak the server settings, it’s time to review and change multipliers. These can be useful, as it allows you to quickly level up, increase combat damage, crafting speed, and more. There are categorized areas for specific multipliers, determined by its essential aspect to Conan Exiles. When altering the settings, you may use the scale or enter a numerical value for them. We’ll be going over popular multipliers to enhance your gameplay experience.


Changing XP multipliers are by far the most important ones to edit, as this allows you to control leveling up. If gaining experience takes too long, then editing these options will help.

Player XP RateDetermines the XP rate for all activities to gain.
Player XP TimeChange how fast a player can obtain XP from surviving.
Player XP KillMultiplies the amount of XP from killing monsters and players.
Player XP HarvestControls how much XP is gained by harvesting.
Player XP CraftAlters the amount of XP obtained by crafting.



When exploring your world or fighting enemies, survivalist multipliers are used. These are important since it directly affects how much stamina is used, the amount of corruption a player receives, and other aspects.

Stamina CostControls the amount of stamina used per action.
Player Active ThirstDetermines how fast a player requires water when performing actions.
Player Active HungerChanges the speed of hunger for the player while doing actions.
Player Idle ThirstThe scale of water needed while being inactive.
Player Idle HungerThe speed of hunger when doing nothing.
Thrall Corruption RemovalAlters player corruption removal from thrall entertainers.
Player Corruption GainMultiplies corruption given to players.



Similarly to survival options, combat multipliers are used while fighting enemies, when they respawn, and how much damage items receive. This is a major factor when playing in your Conan Exiles world, as it controls how quickly you can kill entities and the lifespan of your weapons.

Player DamageMultiplies how much damage a player can deal.
Player Damage TakenDetermines the amount of damage a player receives.
NPC DamageControls the damage entities give to the player.
NPC Damage TakenAlters the scale of damage towards entities by players.
Thrall Damage to PlayersChanges how much damage thralls give to the player.
Thrall Damage to NPCsThe damage multiplier by thralls to entities.
NPC RespawnDetermines the speed for entity respawning after death.
Friendly Fire DamageMultiplies damage against players by other players.
Building DamageScales the amount of damage to a building.
DurabilityControls the damage speed an item receives.



Another significant element to the game is obtaining resources, whether it’s for crafting items or buildings. Harvest multipliers happen when collecting materials and its respawn time. This is helpful when you don’t want to spend a long time getting items.

Harvest AmountMultiplies how many resources gained from harvesting.
Resource Respawn SpeedChanges the resource respawn rate after being harvested.
Land Claim RadiusControls the radius for land claims.



When you start creating items, crafting multipliers are used to control how long it takes. If a recipe is taking too much time, then this will be useful to speed up the process.

Crafting ItemScales how fast an item can be created.
Thrall Crafting TimeDetermines how quickly thralls are crafted.
Fuel Burn TimeEdits the speed of fuel burn units.
Crafting CostChanges how many resources are required for recipes.



Multipliers in Conan Exiles allow you to control the game, whether it’s customizing the damage from monsters or crafting speed. This can help new players when joining your server, as the default difficulty can be challenging or other functions are problematic. Oftentimes, owners want to edit some features to change the gameplay to their liking. Using the in-game multiplier menus is a fast and convenient way to start changing the settings. There are no suggested values for each option, since every player has their preferences. Due to this, explore what works best for you and other users to create the perfect game. We hope this guide helped you edit multipliers on your Conan Exiles server!

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