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How to Duplicate Smithing Templates in Minecraft

Posted: Apr 30, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

In recent updates of Minecraft, customizing your armor is possible! This requires smithing templates, which are incredibly hard to find in your world. They generate as loot in various structures in all dimensions – but with a low spawn chance. This makes it more difficult for players to completely trim their armor, as they might not have enough templates. Wait! There’s an easy solution to this problem, just duplicate them. This might sound illegal at first, but this is an official Minecraft feature that allows you to multiply smithing templates. Instead of searching for all of them, dupe the one you want to complete your trimmed armor set. With that being said, let’s find out how to duplicate smithing templates in Minecraft!

Smithing Templates in Minecraft

Minecraft Dupe Smithing Templates

As of Minecraft 1.20, players are able to find smithing templates to trim armor for unique designs. These range from netherite-diamond to gold-iron patterns! You have the power to entirely customize your armor in all kinds of ways. Each smithing template in Minecraft has its own special design, so it can take a long time before you find the best one. Once located, don’t use it right away – rather duplicate it via a crafting recipe! This allows you to quickly trim a set of armor instead of wasting precious time searching for more. The following section reveals how to do this and what’s required to duplicate smithing templates in Minecraft.

Duplicating Smithing Templates

Dupe Smithing Template
Smithing Template Recipe

Players who want to dupe smithing templates need to have x7 Diamond, x1 Smithing Template, and x1 Required Material. This may seem expensive to craft, but is well worth the resources. The last part of the recipe changes depending on the type of template used. If you have all the needed items, then you’ll receive an extra one after crafting. Repeat this 3 times to have enough smithing templates for a complete trimmed armor set in Minecraft. This applies for all new smithing templates in future versions of Minecraft.

Material List

The following list shows what required material is needed for duplicating smithing templates.

Smithing TemplateBlock
Netherite UpgradeNetherrack
Sentry Armor TrimCobblestone
Vex Armor TrimCobblestone
Wild Armor TrimMossy Cobblestone
Coast Armor TrimCobblestone
Dune Armor TrimSandstone
Wayfinder Armor TrimTerracotta
Raiser Armor TrimTerracotta
Shaper Armor TrimTerracotta
Host Armor TrimTerracotta
Ward Armor TrimCobbled Deepslate
Silence Armor TrimCobbled Deepslate
Tide Armor TrimPrismarine
Snout Armor TrimBlackstone
Rib Armor TrimNetherrack
Eye Armor Armor TrimEnd Stone
Spire Armor TrimPurpur Block


Unconventional Dupes

In cases where diamonds are too valuable for duping smithing templates, there are other ways to accomplish the same task – but better. We don’t recommend doing any of these, as it could cause problems for your singleplayer world or multiplayer server. The first method is to forcibly crash your Minecraft client while in-game after placing smithing templates in chests, resulting in them being duplicated. However, changing the chunk and simulation distance, along with the FPS limit is required beforehand.

Minecraft Game Crash

There are other duplication glitches in Minecraft, with some even for multiplayer – but are too risky. Trying to do them will likely result in a ban from the server, depending on its rules. We encourage you to avoid doing this, as singleplayer dupes are the safest. It’s best to gather resources without using exploits while on public dedicated servers.

Minecraft Armor Customization

Duplicating smithing templates in Minecraft is a wonderful way to customize your armor. Trimming is a process to apply unique patterns on your helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots. Whether you want emerald-colored designs on diamond armor or gold-colored styles on netherite, you have endless possibilities. This is amplified when combining multiple patterns and colors, so get creative! Grab friends and jump right into a Minecraft server to begin experimenting with smithing templates.

Smithing Template Duplication – FAQ

Where can I find smithing templates in Minecraft?

Players can find smithing templates by searching for structures in any dimension, as they generate in chests. For example, Eye Armor Trim is found in Strongholds!

How do I duplicate smithing templates?

You need to have the following items before crafting another one: x7 Diamond, x1 Smithing Template, and x1 Required Material. The last part changes depending on the smithing template.

Does smithing template dupes work on Minecraft servers?

Yes! The process is the same for singleplayer and multiplayer, meaning anyone is able to duplicate their smithing templates.

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