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How to Connect to a Factorio Server via FTP

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in Factorio

mc head By Nathan Young

Factorio FTP Server


Many owners hosting a dedicated Factorio server customize the game files to install mods or upload worlds, leading to enhanced gameplay. There are other features to implement or tweak, such as the general settings. Most of these processes use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system, which is built into our panel. Connecting and using this can be a bit difficult for newcomers, but there’s an alternative method instead. An external program can hook into your server files for you to properly manage. Regardless of the way you do this process, it’s highly recommended to become familiar with the FTP system. This is due to all the different kinds of files and directories to review, leading to possible confusion. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to showcase both methods to establish an FTP connection to your Factorio server and where important documents are located.

Factorio FTP Connection

Factorio FTP Server

As previously mentioned above, there are two primary methods for establishing an FTP connection: the online panel and an external program. The first way only involves using your Password since it’s automatically synced with your server. If you decide to use a third-party service for this process, then you’ll have to enter your FTP Address, Port, Username, and password. This information is found in your panel, making it easier to copy and paste accordingly. However, make note that there are benefits and drawbacks to each method. For instance, transferring large files from the online panel isn’t viable due to system limitations. Bypassing this requires you to use an external program, as this isn’t limited for uploading or downloading game files. We’ll review each method in the subsections below in greater detail to get you started making an FTP connection on your Factorio server.

Online Panel

By far the best and easiest way to establish an FTP connection is using our online panel. As noted before, it only needs your password to be entered. Afterward, you’ll instantly be able to view all server files and manage them properly. Whether you upload, download, view, or edit these documents, most of the time this method is sufficient. However, keep in mind that you can utilize tools in the panel to compress files, create new pathways, and more. The only downside is that large data transfers aren’t viable due to limitations. If you need to upload these kinds of documents, then use an external program. Otherwise, continue to review these instructions to learn how to access and manage your server files.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Factorio FTP
  2. Proceed to enter your Password in the text box, then press Login.
    Factorio FTP Login
  3. Afterward, you’ll be able to view, download, upload, or edit the game files.
    Factorio Server Files

    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this process.


External Program

Another possible way to make an FTP connection is using a third-party service, such as FileZilla or Cyberduck. These are completely free and safe to use, as they are industry standard tools. However, remember your FTP login credentials since it’s required to use the program. Unfortunately, there isn’t a file editor in most of these applications, meaning you’ll only be able to download or upload any type of document. If you wish to quickly tweak settings or other aspects, then using our online panel is suggested due to its editing capabilities. Besides this, the steps below details how to begin using an external FTP program to make the connection.

  1. Begin by downloading an external program, such as FileZilla, then install it.
    Factorio FileZilla
  2. After installing, open the application to prepare for the connection.
  3. Navigate to the FTP File Access area from your main server panel.
  4. Continue to copy the following: FTP Address, Username, Port, and Password.
    Factorio FTP Info
  5. Return to the external program, then enter the above information accordingly.
  6. Once this is done, click Quickconnect or a similar button to make the connection.
    Factorio FileZilla Connect
  7. If successful, you’ll begin seeing the server files to manage.


Important Files

Factorio Important Server Files

Upon connecting to your Factorio server via FTP, there will be tons of files to review. This can easily overwhelm anyone, especially if they’re new to hosting. Keeping this in mind, we’ve narrowed down the most important directories to remember while you customize the server. However, there is a Config Files section from the main panel that’s used for general settings. Similarly, the Customizations area provides you with needed tools to make easy changes to some options. Otherwise, entering the Data folder reveals their hardfiles to tweak if you rather do it this way. Review the information below to understand more about these pathways.


Factorio Saves Folder

The first directory you’ll want to become familiar with is …/saves, as this contains your worlds on the server. In other words, all your in-game profession is saved here. Deleting its contents will remove your maps, but downloading them instead acts as if you’re backing them up onto a local device. Many server owners do this for security and safety reasons, especially if they wish to keep all data.


Factorio Mods Folder

Other times, server owners will use the …/mods directory to upload modifications for their Factorio gameplay. Using an external program is suggested when doing this kind of process, since there can be tons of mods you want. Similarly to before, deleting this folder will remove all modifications. By default, there is nothing in this pathway until you manually upload the files.


Common Issues

Unable to Make an FTP Connection

A common occurrence when making an FTP connection is experiencing failures, as lots of owners accidentally use incorrect login credentials for the process. Make sure you’re using valid information when logging into an external program or the online panel. Remember, your FTP Address, Username, Port, and Password must be correctly entered for a successful connection. Otherwise, having poor internet speed may result in some problems causing the situation.

Can’t Transfer Files

Remember, using the online panel to transfer large files isn’t suggested due to our system’s limitations. However, you can try using zipping programs like WinRAR or 7zip to compress everything into a single document, ready for uploading. Alternatively, it’s better to use a third-party service for such file transfers. Similarly, downloading large amounts of data can be problematic. Fortunately, our panel has built-in zipping software for you to easily obtain any type of file.

File Data is Missing

Sometimes, data may appear missing due to several reasons. Firstly, make sure you’re using the correct Server Profile when uploading anything to the server. This is due to each one having a unique directory, containing multiple instances of your previously used documents. Otherwise, you could have mistakenly transferred data to the wrong folder in the FTP system. However, if there are tons of files you’re attempting to upload and they aren’t zipped, it could result in the situation.

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