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How to Breed Cats in Minecraft

Posted: Nov 22, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

The amount of mobs in Minecraft is staggering, with only a few of them being tameable and breedable. As you journey through the world, cats may appear in villages or swamp huts. These cute animals might seem pointless besides their adorableness, but they have hidden features that you can use. One example is cats having the ability to drive off creepers, meaning you won’t have an explosive scare while mining. This is why you should begin breeding them! Gathering tons of them in your single-player or multiplayer world is perfect to have companions and fighters. We’ll be teaching you how to breed cats in Minecraft and some extra tips to get you started. Let’s begin!

Minecraft History of Cats

How to Breed Cats Minecraft

Long ago in Minecraft 1.2.1, cats were introduced to the community and can only be found via taming ocelots. Many changes have been made to this mob, including their skins and special abilities. In the beginning, there were a handful of patterns that a cat could spawn with – but eventually more was added. For example, Persian breeds are possible in Minecraft. As of right now, Mojang doesn’t label or determine different kinds of cats. The only distinguishing factors are their colors and patterns, but might change in future updates. Besides this, there’s a special skin that makes your cat have a tuxedo! Features such as this and others are mainly for those looking to have companions in their base but can be used to fend off creepers, phantoms, and small mobs.

Breeding Cats

Minecraft Tame Cat

Before you can breed cats, make sure to have at least two tamed. Players achieve this by feeding them enough raw cod or salmon. You need to have good reflexes though, as cats are fast runners and can be scared off. This can prove difficult for some, but fret not! Visit nearby villages to have the best chance to tame cats. Otherwise, you’ll need to search for strays in swamp huts.


Similar to taming, repeat the process with your raw fish to breed cats. It should only take two pieces for them to begin this process, but make sure they’re close enough so everything works. If successful, you’ll notice heart particles, an achievement, and a small cute kitten! Continue doing this until you’re satisfied, but there is a wait limit before breeding the same animals. Keep this in mind as you continue on this fruitful adventure.

Minecraft Breed Cat


Cat Behaviors

Minecraft Cat Protection

Once you’ve obtained a few cats in your Minecraft world, have them follow you around for extra security. Creepers and phantoms will avoid them, meaning you won’t be harassed anymore in-game. While hunting for food, cats will attack rabbits and baby turtles. This might help a little bit, but regardless, it is a nice benefit. Besides this, they’ll climb all over your base with speed. Keep all of this in mind when interacting with cats in Minecraft.



Whether you want a cutesy companion or a deterrent against creepers and phantoms, breeding cats in Minecraft is helpful. These animals are extremely popular in skyblock, creative, and smp servers. The main reason is that cats are adorable! They make your base feel like home, similar to tamed wolves. Otherwise, cats can be useful against hostile mobs in more combat-related servers. Regardless of your reasoning for having these lovely animals in Minecraft, we hope this blog taught you how to breed them. Have a good one, gamers!

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