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How to Boost StatTrak Kills in CS:GO


mc head By Nathan Young

StatTrak Boosting Server Hosting


Whether you unboxed or purchased a StatTrak weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’ll always start off with zero kills. Increasing this takes a lot of time, as it only happens after killing an enemy. This can become problematic for players wanting to show off their confirmed kills, especially if they don’t want to use the swap tool for transferring them. Solving this leads these players to search for boosting servers or other solutions, which can be risky if they’re not careful enough. Fortunately, there’s a script you can use on a dedicated server to easily begin collecting tons of kills on your StatTrak gun. This is entirely safe and will not get your account banned. Although, the exact setup and usage is a bit technical, possibly confusing newcomers to the hosting scene. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to walk you through the necessary steps to boost your StatTrak kills in CS:GO.

StatTrak System

Before starting, you and others may want to learn about the StatTrak system. This is important to understand since you’ll be using it in the boosting server. As hinted above, confirmed kills are only earned by slaying an enemy in a match. These games can be official or community-based, despite the Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) being enabled or not.

CSGO StatTrak Boosting Servers

However, only real players count as confirmed kills since bots don’t count. Once enough of them are recorded on the weapon, it’ll appear in its description, your inventory, and in-game.


There are a few steps before setting up the server, which are required for allowing everything to work. This includes creating a Steam Web API Key and Game Server Token, among copying a specific workshop map ID. As you follow along in the subsections below, make sure to mark down these important values for later reference. They’ll be used for the server’s configuration and must be completely accurate. However, if you’ve already done the key and token steps before, then skip to the Workshop Map section. Otherwise, continue to review all of the instructions.


  1. Navigate to Steam’s API Key page, but make sure to Login with your account.
  2. Proceed to enter “CSGO” or something similar for the Domain option.
    Steam Web API Key Setup
  3. Press the Register button and copy the Key value for later, once displayed.
    Steam Web API Key


Login Token

  1. Navigate and Login with your account on Steam’s Game Server Management page.
  2. Continue to enter 730 in the App ID field, then anything else in the Memo area.
    Steam Game Login Token Setup
  3. Press the Create button and keep this Login Token for later use.
    Steam Game Login Token


Make sure to NOT publicly share these keys and tokens with anyone else, as they can be used to harm your account or server. If you feel it’s been leaked, then simply revoke or delete them to start over. Another important note to mention is that our panel will keep this information completely confidential, as it’s required for any CS:GO server.


Workshop Map

A certain workshop map is needed for the boosting server to work properly, which will increase the amount of confirmed kills players can obtain. This has been around for many years and is considered the best by the community. The steps below show you which map and ID to mark down for future reference.

  1. Navigate to the StatTrak Map on Steam’s Workshop.
  2. Once there, press the Subscribe button to download the client files.
    CSGO StatTrak Map
  3. Copy the numbers after the ?id= in the URL for later, which is 345372799.


Server Setup

Setting up the boosting server is a straightforward process, but will take a few minutes to finish. For instance, you’ll need to create a password for a remote console to access in-game, among other aspects. After configuring these settings, you’ll begin making the script to activate the boosting functionality. Additionally, remember to keep the above information handy for this setup. When you’re ready to start, review the subsections below.


There are several options to configure through your server panel, but are conveniently accessible through one page. This is where you’ll enter the token, key, and workshop id values, plus toggle a few settings to ensure security. With this said, follow along below to begin.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Customizations near the left.
    CSGO Server Settings
  2. Proceed to enter your desired Password in the RCON Password field.
  3. Do the same for the Server Password, then checkmark Disable Valve Anticheat.
    CSGO RCON Server
  4. Beneath this, enable the Allow Cheats option and select Competitive for Game Mode.
  5. Afterward, continue to paste your Steam Account Token & Web API values.
    CSGO Server Web Key Game Server Token
  6. Near the bottom of the page, enter the Workshop ID (345372799) in the File ID section.
    CSGO Server Workshop Map Setup
  7. Return to the main panel for additional configuration.


Adding the Script

After completing the server configuration, your next step is to create the script for StatTrak boosting. This is done through the FTP area of your main panel, which is easily accessible. These instructions will show you exactly how to accomplish this process.

  1. Head towards the FTP File Access area from the top left corner in the main panel.
    CSGO FTP Server
  2. Proceed to enter your account’s Password in the text box, then click the Login button.
    CSGO FTP Login
  3. Afterward, continue to this pathway in the files: …/csgo/cfg.
    CSGO Server cfg Folder
  4. Once there, click New File at the top left corner.
    Type stattrak.cfg in the New File Name field, then paste the following code in the editor:
    mp_freezetime 0;
    mp_maxrounds 100000;
    mp_round_restart_delay 0;
    sv_infinite_ammo 1;
    mp_warmuptime 3;
    mp_autokick 0;
    sv_cheats 1;
    weapon_accuracy_nospread "1";
    weapon_debug_spread_gap "1";
    weapon_recoil_cooldown "0";
    weapon_recoil_decay1_exp "99999";
    weapon_recoil_decay2_exp "99999";
    weapon_recoil_decay2_lin "99999";
    weapon_recoil_scale "0";
    weapon_recoil_suppression_shots "500";
    mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1;
    mp_restartgame 1; 

  5. When you’re finished, click the Save button at the top and return to the main panel.
    CSGO StatTrak Script
  6. Restart the server to apply all these changes, which may take a few minutes.


Boosting StatTrak Kills

Once the server has loaded, you’re almost ready to begin boosting your StatTrak kills. Remember, you’ll need to have at least one other player in the game to start this process. This can be your friend or an alternative account, as long as it’s not a bot. Besides this, there are a few RCON commands to execute to trigger the script in-game. The following steps below show you how to begin boosting on your server.

  1. Join your CS:GO server and open the Developer Console.
  2. Enter this command with your RCON password: rcon_password "Password_Here".
    CSGO RCON Password Command
  3. Afterward, execute the following: rcon host_timescale 10.
  4. Once you’ve done this, run this command to start the script: rcon exec stattrak.
    CSGO Run Script Command
  5. Proceed to buy your desired weapon, then kill your opponent until you’re satisfied.
    CSGO StatTrak Boosting

    Note: Use +attack in the console to automatically shoot, but not for single-fire weapons.


It’s strongly encouraged to avoid joining official matches after finishing a boosting session. This is due to some of the script’s effects still impacting your client. Simply reboot Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Steam so you can play on normal servers.


Common Issues

Boosting Script Isn’t Working

In some cases, the script will not activate properly in-game. This may display a strange error or otherwise unknown command. Solving this situation is easy, as you’ll need to simply confirm the stattrak.cfg file is stored in the …/csgo/cfg directory from the FTP panel. This includes every line of code within it, as it’s completely necessary for the script to work. Afterward, Restart the server from the main panel to have it loaded in the game. However, if the situation persists then ensure you’re logged into the RCON with your defined Password. Remember, the command to use is rcon_password "Password_Here" and must follow this format. There won’t be a return message if it’s successful, meaning you can proceed accordingly to begin boosting your StatTrak kills.

StatTrak Kills Stopped

If at any point during your boosting session the StatTrak kills stop counting, then Restart the server. This tends to occur when the time limit has expired, but can alternatively be reset through the rcon exec stattrak command. Although, it may still appear stopped after doing this in the developer console. It’s likely recording the kills regardless of this fact, but it’s best to restart the server for security. Players can confirm if it’s counted by viewing their inventory or the weapon in-game.

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