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How to add Behavior Packs to a Bedrock Edition World

Last modified on Sep 20, 2021 in Control Panel

mc head By Noah


Modifying the base game of Minecraft is one of the most enjoyable parts about the game. One of the most common ways to modify Minecraft is through mods or plugins as these can really make the server unique and fun for all the players. Unfortunately, with Bedrock you are limited on the modifications that can be made to the game. With that being said, one of the best ways to modify the Bedrock version of the game is with Behavior Packs. Behavior Packs are addons that can alter the behaviors that make up an entity. Bedrock Behavior Packs cannot be as easily activated as some of the Java based modifications to servers. In this guide we will go over downloading your current world, activating the Behavior Pack locally, and uploading the world back to the server.

How to Add Behavior Packs to Bedrock World

Download World

In order to download a world file you will need to setup an FTP Client such as FileZilla to access the files. We will use this program once more when uploading the world.

  1. Download FileZilla Client from here.
  2. In order to connect to the server you will need your FTP login credentials. These can be found on the FTP File Access Page. You can find an example video of this process here.
    Connecting to FileZilla
  3. Once connected to your server’s files, click on the “worlds” folder and locate your world.
  4. Locate your world folder and drag it onto your desktop or any location on your computer you will remember.
    World to Desktop
  5. If you are unsure which is your current world you can check the main page of the panel for the world field to see the name of your current world.
    World Field
  6. Wait for the download to complete before moving on to the next step. There should be a progress bar at the bottom of the FileZilla program so you know once all of that data is downloaded successfully.
  7. Now that the world folder is downloaded we can proceed to installing this locally as a save game to activate the Behavior Pack.

Import World to Local Game

We will now need to import this world to our local game to be able to manage the Behavior Packs with it.

  1. Open your file Explorer.
  2. Locate the following file location:
    Finding MCWorld
  3. Drag the world folder you downloaded from the server to the above folder.
  4. Restart the game once and you should now see the world listed as one of your singleplayer saves in game!

Activating Behavior Pack

Behavior Packs can be downloaded from different sources online. This includes some sites that specialize in delivering this sort of content or developer’s own websites. It is important to be cautious when downloading files online. Once you have a Behavior Pack downloaded you can follow these steps to activate it in your world.

  1. Double click the .mcpack file on your computer. This will then either launch Minecraft and start the import or if the game is already open just start the import.
  2. Once the import is completed you will want to click Play and then select the edit button to the right of your imported world that looks like a pencil.
  3. Select Behavior Packs on the bottom left of the screen. Then select My Packs on the right to see all imported packs that you have.
  4. Select the recently imported Behavior Pack and click activate.
  5. Once activated you can then click play to load the world and test out the newly installed Behavior Pack.

If the Behavior Pack is working as intended then you are now ready to upload the world back to the server.

Exporting world

We have a great in-depth guide about uploading your bedrock worlds here. In this example we will go over how to export the world from inside the game and then upload that world to your server.

  1. While in game select the settings icon that looks like a pencil next to the world you would like to export.
  2. Scroll all the way down on the right hand side until you see the button Export World.
    Exporting World
  3. Select Export World and a window will appear asking where you will save it too.
  4. We recommend just saving this to your desktop. After picking a place to save the file to simply hit Export.

Once this is complete you will have a .mcworld file of your world. We will need to convert this to a zip file before uploading this to the server.

Converting to ZIP

  1. Open the File Explorer on your PC.
  2. In the top select the view tab and then select the check box next to the setting labelled “File Name Extensions.”
  3. You will now be able to see what file type all of your files are. Locate the .mcworld file you recently exported and right click and rename.
  4. When renaming you will just need to change the .mcworld extension to .zip
    Changing To ZIP
  5. If you are prompted with a warning asking if you are sure you want to change this click Yes.

Now that you have an uploadable zip file of the world, you can connect back to the server files and upload it!

Uploading to server

  1. Open FileZilla and connect to the server files.
  2. Head into the worlds folder on the bottom right window and then right click and create a new directory. Name this whatever you like as this will be the new name of your world.
    Making Directory
  3. Once created head into this folder. Now drag your zip folder of the exported world into this newly created directory to begin the upload process.
  4. Once the upload is complete you can head to your Multicraft panel to continue the process.
  5. When you are on the panel you will need to select FTP File Access on the left hand side and login.
  6. Select the worlds folder, then select the folder you created and uploaded the zip file too.
  7. Once you see the zip folder you have uploaded select the check box to the left of it and then click unzip in the top right of the panel.
    Unzipping World
  8. You will then see a new page asking you to change the target directory. You can ignore that and just click submit.
  9. After the unzip has been completed you will need to head back to the main panel page.
  10. Click Change World and enter the name of the newly created folder you just unzipped the files too. Then restart the server!

Now you can join your server to test and see if the Behavior Pack is working as intended.

Common Issues

Behavior Pack not Working

If you notice that your Behavior Pack is not working properly there could be a few issues. Firstly if it was working as intended in singleplayer but not on the server you may have not exported the correct world or one of the steps may have been missed. We recommend you go over the guide once more to ensure everything is followed correctly. Lastly if the Behavior Pack is not working properly even when you activate it in singleplayer this could indicate an issue with the Behavior Pack itself. In this case we recommend checking the source where you got the Behavior Pack from to ensure it is compatible with the current version of Bedrock and to see if there are any special install instructions provided.

Incorrect World

If you join your server after following all the steps and you are not in the correct world you will want to check a few different things. Double check that you have uploaded the world properly per the instructions in this guide. You will also want to make sure you have set the proper world name in the world field. The name you need to have the server load is the name of the newly created folder that we unzipped the world into.

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