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How to Add a URL to a 7 Days to Die Server

in 7 Days to Die

mc head By Dalton Whalen

7 Days to Die Website URL


When owning a 7 Days to Die server, providing information can be vital for attracting and maintaining players. While this information can be provided through the server name and description, this can also be achieved when adding a website URL. This link is available in the server browser and can be opened by players in order to view the website you add. Whether this is used to lead to the server’s main website, social media, and more, this is all achievable with this 7 Days to Die setting. With Apex Hosting, adding a website URL is as easy as configuring a text field, so this tutorial was created to guide you through the necessary steps.

Adding a URL

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel, then log in.
  2. Near the top of the panel, press the Stop button to ensure the server is offline.
  3. In the left-hand menu, navigate to the Customizations area.
  4. Here, locate the Server Website URL section.
  5. In the text field, enter your desired website URL.
  6. Once complete, return to the main panel page and start the server.

Your 7 Days to Die server will now start up using your desired website URL and will be available to view once the server is online.

In-Game Appearance


Once the server is online and functional, you can launch the game and locate your server within the in-game browser. Once you select the server, your URL will appear on the right-hand side at the bottom of the description box.


In addition, the link can be clicked, opening a browser to view the website. This can be useful to provide server information or simply link an important website for your server that you wish for players to see.

Common Issues

The URL does not appear in-game:
If the URL does not show up in the server browser, visit the Customizations tab and ensure the proper field was filled out. Additionally, ensure you are adding a valid URL to the field. If an invalid link is added, the server may not recognize it and remove it while starting up.

Error when opening link in-game:
In some cases, an error may appear in the browser after clicking the link. This primarily occurs when a formatted link is entered, but it does not lead to an active site. To fix this, try to visit the site in your own browser first to ensure it is online and functional. Afterwards, copy the URL from the page and compare it to the one entered in customizations. If necessary, paste the proper link in, then restart to try again.

Server does not appear in the browser:
In order for the link to be viewable, your server must appear inside of the server list. If the server is not accessible, however, you may need to adjust the visibility settings. To do this, visit the Apex Panel, then enter the Customizations tab once more. Under Server Visibility, use the dropdown and set the server to appear publicly. Once this is done, restart the server and check in-game once more.

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