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How Many Players can Play on a Palworld Server

Posted: Feb 29, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

Hosting your own Palworld server comes with many benefits, such as the ability to completely control the gameplay settings. However, there is one feature that might be neglected by some, which is likely the best overall – increased player count. In standard online co-op sessions, only 4 people at once can play Palworld. This can be frustrating, as some players want their entire friend group to join and have fun. Fortunately, Palworld dedicated servers provide you with extra slots for anyone else to connect. How many? Can it be increased more? We’ll answer these questions and more right now, let’s begin!

Palworld Server Player Count

In Palworld dedicated servers, the maximum number of people that can join is 32 players. This is drastically different from online co-op sessions, as they only support 4 users at once. In other words, hosting your own Palworld server is the only way to have all of your friends and family play together! This isn’t an understatement, especially at the time of writing this article. Having a player count of 32 means you can create large communities, which helps those looking to create a public Palworld server for anyone to join. Whether you want to make it big or small, having your own dedicated world outmatches anything else.

Future Updates of Palworld

Palworld Future Updates

In upcoming releases of Palworld, it’s expected that dedicated servers will have an increased player count from 32 to an undetermined number. This opens the door for even more possibilities, such as creating huge communities all around the world. However, it also means that you must optimize the Palworld server since performance can be an issue with too many players at once. Due to this, we’ve ensured that our hardware is incredibly high quality! The only limiting factor is Palworld, so when future updates are released – we’ll be ready to handle it.

Palworld Dedicated Servers

There are tons of advantages to setting up your own Palworld server, as you’re given more options than co-op worlds. Whether you want to change the Pal capture rates or item multiplier, you have endless options to customize the gameplay. Combining this power with the increased player count means you can create the ultimate Palworld server. This comes in handy when making large or small communities, but can be even more in the future. Upcoming releases of Palworld might include extra player slots for dedicated servers, maximizing your ability to make the best of the best. If you’ve purchased one from us, then check out our guides to help you make it even better!

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